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Bad Girls - Nice Guys

20% of women have featured in a home-made sex tape, most regret it afterwards
20% of women have featured in a home-made sex tape, a poll of women's attitudes to sex has found. But many now regret it, judging by some of the 2000 responses author Joan Sauers got to her online study about the sex lives of Australian women. "It was exciting when we were doing it. When I saw the tape I just felt fat," one woman wrote. Sauers's book "Sex Lives of Australian Women" covers the scope of emotions and experiences like sexual fantasies, the pros and cons of threesomes, etc. Women answered anonymously and while some of the findings seemskewed towards a younger population, it is the honesty of responses that is striking.



The other woman's guide to being a serial mistress - Having An Affair
Sarah Symonds doesn't have a lot to recommend from her time as a mistress. Much of it was spent alone in a lavish Westminster flat, "my ivory palace", paid for by another of her millionaire lovers. She may have been whisked around the world, wined and dined in romantic places and showered with gifts, but at 37 she is single and childless, and has given up on finding a husband. Symonds has turned her experiences into a book: Having An Affair? A Handbook For The Other Woman - which is causing a furore. Symonds insists that far from advocating affairs with married men, she wants to encourage mistresses to get out of the relationships they have become entangled.

Bad boy dishes on how men think, date and mate
Love the challenge of dating a bad boy but wish you could see through his hidden agendas? Steve Santagati, model, bad boy and author of "The Manual: A True Bad Boy Explains How Men Think, Date, and Mate - and What Women Can Do to Come Out on Top," discloses what's going on inside the male mind. --- Admit it, you want to date Bad Boys. Despite what your mother may have told you, we make the best boyfriends. We`re fun, we love women, and we know how to turn you on. He`s bad because he`s "got your number," knows how to manipulate you. He doesn`t always see you as a person, but instead as a challenge.

Author tells why women love bad guys
Victoria Howard, the author of "Why Women Love Bad Boys", admits the women she talked to when she decided to write the book pretty much agree on a few basics: The "bad boys" you date and marry can break your heart, but the "good guys" might not generate enough excitement to rouse passions. "Guys that are too nice are boring." The author used her own experiences (she married and divorced two "bad boys") and the tales of many other women she met through the years. "They all had the same story." They were attracted to men who turned out to be trouble. She found why these men can be attractive: they're exciting.

How to ruin your marriage: wed your boyfriend
Nicole Kidman's husband troubles got me thinking about women and the choices they make. She is not the first smart woman to marry a gorgeous man with a bad-boy reputation and an addiction problem. She is not the first to marry a troubled soul and try to save him from himself. Smart women marry prisoners, men with violent tempers, substance abusers and womanisers for two reasons. They find them exciting, and they think they can tame them into something less exciting. A smart woman marries a womanising drinker and is hurt when he turns out to be a womanising drinker.

Despite wanting perfect match, flighty women fall for heartbreakers
Not every guy is a lowdown scoundrel. Some of us would actually like to take you out for dinner and a nice quiet evening. The problem seems to lie not with how men treat women, but in women's decisions on just what type of man they want. The majority of the women I have met seem to enjoy draining the life-force out of any decent male in pursuit of them, only to stab them in the heart by running into the arms of the bad boy that's whispering sweet lies in her ears. This leaves the real gentlemen standing on the outside looking in, wondering what they did wrong.

Why It's So Hard To Not Be A Nice Guy
Oh, how easy it is for us to slip into "nice guy" mode! We have a natural tendency to want to be nice guys and even believe that this is exactly what women want from us. Why do we do this? We have a natural, inborn tendency to try to be "nice guys" even though this is absolutely contrary to anything that really works with women. Most guy's greatest challenge is to break out of what they FEEL is right, and to start DOING what is right. We need to use the tools we have (such as "Being A Man in a Woman's World") in order to get past our natural tendencies and to be successful with women.

Bad girls are fun in parties and sex, but boring in family life
Millions of girls that live on planet Earth can generally be divided into two major categories: good girls and bad girls. Let us make a list of virtues, bad girls first: Their ability to be great fun is on top of the list. They laugh a lot, they are fond of flirting. Bad girls have an optimistic attitude to life. They are full of energy. Life is a never-ending show for them. However, bad girls are really bad when it comes to certain things. First, they can not be trusted. You can not build a solid relationship with this kind of girl. So you had better court the good ones...

First dates: Readers have advice on modern romance
No matter how wonderful your date is compared with the schmucks you`ve been seeing (or married to) do not tell him that he is a nice guy Ќ at least not without lots and lots of explanation. -- That`s just one of many pieces of advice that readers came up with when asked to share their do`s and don`ts for first dates, when what should be the simple pleasure of getting to know another human being can buckle under the weight of unrealistic expectations, the desire to make a good impression, and the baggage of previous relationships.
(Toledo Blade)

Nice guys aren't always in for an easy ride
Scott Peterson is on death row for killing his pregnant wife and he regularly gets marriage proposals from women on the outside. Meanwhile, the only trouble I've ever gotten into was for doing 79 in a 45 miles per hour zone and it still took me nearly a year to get a date when I lived in New York City.
(Courier Post Online)