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Signs of a Bad Relationship: Warning signs, Ending

15 warning flags that signal your marriage is over
(1) Has it become impossible to talk to your partner without it turning into a heated argument? (3) Does your husband threaten you? This is a warning flag you should never dismiss. (8) Does your spouse respect you: Do they belittle you, or make you feel worse than them? (10) Does your partner resist your personal growth: Do they want you to stay the same, despite the fact that you are a living thriving being? (14) Has your husband been unhappy for so long that they have given up on the marriage?



Having a baby won't save a troubled marriage - Couples should wait until ready
For many years, the advice for marital malaise was simple: Have a baby. Then, in the late 1970s, researchers noticed that bliss declines after childbirth, as couples are burdened. Now, a third scenario is offered, based on a synthesis of existing studies: If both partners are equally happy about a pregnancy (and careful not to backslide into traditional gender roles) most couples return to previous levels of satisfaction. Those couples who disagreed (about 33%) on the new addition continued to be stuck in tension, and all were separated or divorced by the time the kid reached kindergarten.

Top 10 relationship wreckers
(2) Work/life balance: we work longer hours, commute further and therefore spend less time together than 20 years ago. When we're tired, talking is reduced to the essentials. It's efficient, but there is no time to explain the complexity of our feelings. Into the gap leap all sorts of assumptions. Set aside "sacred time" just for the two of you. For example make Thursday night date night. --- (7) Space: Traditionally it's been men who've wanted time to themselves, but today women burdened by work and kids are asking for "me" time too. Successful couples are both team-mates and individuals, so don't feel criticized if your partner needs space.

The nanny stole my husband
When Angela Robinson employed a live-in nanny, it was supposed to make her life easier. She hoped the nanny would give her more time for herself and enable her to support her husband at business functions. Her life fell apart, when Andy Watkins, 49, the father of her 3 kids, started an affair with the nanny Angela had trusted enough to bring into her home. July 2002 Angela's son, aged 6, told: "Daddy kissed Sarah." With her slim figure and long blonde hair, Sarah was only 21-years-old. Some might wonder why Angela chose to bring such a temptation in their 4-bedroom home. "She was slimmer and prettier than me, which only added to the indescribable hurt."

Undercover story of the sexless marriage - When desire between couples goes to sleep
When Carole, a 51-year-old from Essex, wrote to Weekend's problem page revealing that her husband had not made love to her since she was 38, agony aunt Ruby Wax's advice was basically "grin and bear it". This is easier said than done. So, what do the experts say? Can a sexless relationship ever be successful, or is it doomed to frustration? There is no clear evidence to show how many people are living in sexless marriages, but in her book "The Sex-Starved Marriage" Michele Weiner Davis cites research suggesting that 5% of couples are making love less than 10 times a year.

10 guys women should run from
Mr. Jealousy: He'll get a little short with a waiter who flirts with you. However flattering his jealousies may seem at first, they'll get old and confining quick. --- The "Liberated" Man: I have a friend who said, "I seem to have a very liberating effect on whatever man I'm dating. We go on 3 dates, and the next thing I know he's moved in with me, he's quit his job, and his car is up on blocks in my yard." --- The Betrayed: I have dated an excessive number of men who have just been left by a woman for a woman. Usually these men are angry beyond all reason, so prepare to give up all your girlfriends.

Stop Whingeing & Moaning About Your Bad Relationship
Here's a challenge to warring couples around the world: "Stop whingeing and moaning about your bad relationship and either mend it or end it!" Far too many couples are making themselves miserable by being too demanding, inflexible and selfish. Some people spend more time arguing and complaining about how bad things are with their partners, than working out the differences in their relationships. In some cases, people can be so preoccupied with sweating the small stuff, that they lose sight of the really significant things like love, trust, forgivenesss, fidelity, support and understanding.
(articlecity - Seltzer Cole)

Why smart women make dumb mistakes about the men
The vast majority of the letters are from women. A few are not. Most letters are from women who are depressed. It is abundantly clear that the reason they are depressed is that they are in miserable relationships. Most have fallen into relationships with men who are egregiously unsuitable partners. Not men who changed and became difficult, but men whose behavior from the beginning was a blinking neon sign warning Bad Mate Material. These men had had affairs, sometimes with other men; they were drinkers or drug users; they had personality problems; they lied about themselves...

Red Flags Now, Relationship Problems Later
You know what a red flag is, right? That's a trait or a behavior in a person you are newly dating that indicates that not all is right with his/her ability to have a happy long lasting relationship with you. Many singles ignore red flags in hopes that the issues will go away once the relationship grows and the two people fall in love. This is partially correct - Issues and red flags do get better in the initial stages of relationship. People take better care of themselves and their lives. They clean their house where there was once a mess.

Spouses In Bad Marriages Face Greater Risk For Serious Health Problems
Spouses in a poor marriage are more likely to be stressed during the workday, a finding that could mean a greater likelihood of strokes and heart disease for both husband and wife, according to researchers at Brandeis University and University College in London.

Been on a really bad date lately? If so, you're not alone.
In a new survey on 'toxic dating,' 35% of Americans say they have dated a 'jerk,' 33% have dated a 'creep' and 18% have even dated a 'witch.' Overall, 21% of Americans have had dating experiences they describe as 'toxic.' Are some people just plain 'undateable?'