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Breaking Up & Closure

Break Up Advice: 10 Ways to Recover from a Break-Up
Break-ups seem to be a normal part of the modern life. Healing from relationship break-ups and divorce are a hard task at best. Some people never wholly recover, carrying with them the pain of the break up through life. Others froze from the fear of getting close to a partner again. (1) Allow yourself enough healing time. Be patient with yourself. (2) Stay busy. Don`t allow yourself any daydreaming time. Take up a hobby. Focus on things you enjoy. (3) Exercise and improve your diet. It gives you an endorphin rush, and joining a gym can put you into social settings.



Survey: The top 10 reasons to break up with someone
According to a poll daters in the UK dump their partners over trivial things. 25% of men have ditched their girlfriends because her friends were annoying - and the same percentage of women have dropped boyfriends because he never washes his hands after going to the toilet. The second most mentioned reason by men was her Uninterrupted talking, 23%, and by women his breaking wind in public, 20%. For the men shopping caused 16% of break-ups, and for women smelly feet 15%. Less likely reasons that turned men off a partner was her new short haircut (1%), and for women: him putting the CDs in the wrong case (1%).

Breaking Up by text messages
Jason Sherman admits he finds it hard to say what he means: He once broke up with a girlfriend by text messaging her, and he says he has used e-mail to deliver similar news to other women. "I'm one of those people that it's hard to speak my mind in person. It's a lot easier to say how I feel electronically. You can get more out, and you don't have to worry about somebody yelling in your face." He is part of a changing dating world where singles avoid direct confrontation by crafting the traditional "Dear John/Jane" letter using technology. 11% of Americans say breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend via text message is okay.

Site offers advice for women pondering break ups   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Kimberlee Roth launched the "Should I Dump Him or Not" site in the summer of 2005. The site allows a gal who is unsure about her relationship to post a dilemma. Other users can then offer her advice and vote on whether she should dump him, give it time or keep him. Dilemmas include a woman complaining that her boyfriend hasn`t kissed her in 3 years. I think there is a lot of pressure to be in a couple and I think people don`t like being alone. Family and friends make comments like: "You`re not getting any younger. What`s wrong with this one? If you weren`t so picky, you`d find a great guy."

A little breakup etiquette, please
A few days before a friend's birthday, her new boyfriend cancelled their weekend plans. Three days went by, her birthday was there, and he didn't call her back about their planned dinner. She never heard from him again. It was a move so rude I'm sure that its omission from etiquette books is some kind of crass oversight. The fact that he had ended their relationship was clear. The reason why was not, and then she was left wondering if she overreacted to his cancelling, or if he was sick of her tracking mud on his carpet, or if he just plain lost interest. Whatever the reason was, he should have told her.

Top Ten Warning Signs that a Relationship May End Badly
(1) Demonstrated failure to support each other's growth, feeling threatened by a spouse's success, jealousy toward your partner. (3) Selfishness: more focus on what you are getting than what you are giving. (5) Forgetting the "or worse" part of the marriage vows: failure to equally share the burden during hard times. Example (I know this will be sexist but I have seen it more than once): Husband loses job, wife continues to spend like she always has, assuming he will be able to continue to provide in the same way he always did by pulling some magic rabbit out of a hat.

Relationship Withdrawal Techniques
You`re a savvy Player, capable of selecting a target and closing the deal in record time. As you`ve progressed in your prowling endeavors, you`ve managed to spot problematic situations very quickly, including the clingy female. However, the occasional slip-up is inevitable, and you`ll find yourself embroiled in a situation that`s sliding toward the commitment phase. Walking the tightrope between seduction and deeper emotional attachments can be tricky, and sometimes your charm may go too far and somehow allowed her to believe your relationship is "serious" - you`re dealing with a woman who wants you in more ways than one.

Should I leave my husband for a new guy - Give up on marriage
Marriages do not stay fresh and new, lusty and ideal forever. Every marriage goes through tough and boring times. Certainly, you need to marry a man suitable for you. Once you do, the future of your marriage is up to both of you, and not to some kind of cosmic fate. The fact that you were receptive to the attention of another man is a clue that something is not working so well at home. I suggest you direct your attention toward your husband rather than letting yourself grow ever closer to a new guy. If you are emotionally involved with some other man, you cannot focus on your own marriage.

Live a lie or hurt my wonderful wife -- It's not a crime to fall out of love
I've been married to a wonderful woman for six years. But a year ago, I felt something missing was in our marriage. The problem lies with me. When I see my wife, I no longer see that someone whom I can be really intimate with. Whenever I look at her, I see the best friend I could ever have in this world. There`s another girl in my heart now. Whenever I'm with her, I am filled with inspiration. --- It's not a crime to fall out of love. When you cannot make love to your wife and thinks of her only as your best friend, it's time to tell the truth. Leaving clues of infidelity is not the best way to alert her.

He makes living by ending relationships: Relationship Terminator
"She does not want to hear from you again. She does not want to be friends. Do you understand what I`m saying? Your relationship is over. Finished." Bernd Dressler is not a man you`d want to come knocking uninvited on your door. Because he makes his living by ending relationships and will dispose of unwanted partner without so much as an "if", a "but" or an "I promise I`ll change". He will even pick up your things from an ex-lover`s apartment for £19 per bag. Oh, and payment up front - In case anyone changes their mind. No one has, yet. By the time his clients come into his office their minds are made up, he says.

Getting rid of mementos after relationship ends, there are no rules
Gabrielle Torello drowned her wedding band in river, stuffed the diamond rings and earrings her ex-husband had given her into a pair of old shoes at the bottom of her closet, and treated herself to some commemorative sparkle, like the ring she bought when she survived her first date. "It makes me very happy every time I wear it. It was such a bad time that I don't want to wear anything from that period in my life." --- Jay Johnson, upon discovering that his girlfriend was two-timing him with one of his friends, simply packed everything she had given him into a box and mailed them to his rival with a note "Good luck, Dave."

Increasing willingness of mothers to walk out on marriage
When Helen Kirwan-Taylor wrote a article saying she finds motherhood boring, she became the most vilified woman in Britain. Many condemned her as a selfish princess who shouldn't be allowed to have children. But her confession broke a taboo around the modern female's dissatisfaction with family life - they may be losing the art of enjoying their children. It is not female unhappiness with motherhood that is causing problems for children, but the increasing willingness of mothers to walk out on marriage. More than ever it is women who are the ones filing for divorce. The shift of power in marriages has led to a stampede of women leaving the institution.

End Of Friendships
Nothing good may last forever. If we think that a good friendship will last forever, we may be wrong. Every friendship may end. Very few friendships survive. And they are lucky friendships. We go in different directions to pursue different careers. The contact with friends is lost and slowly these friendships also end. There are some other factors that damage friendships. For example, friends sometimes have expectations. Relationships are not always totally selfless. If a friend fails to meet needs of another friend when required, it hurts the friendship badly.

Feeling unloved in relationship - Maybe you're not the only one
Mark was thinking of leaving his wife, Linda. He had not been feeling in love with Linda for a long time, but they had two children and he didn't want to break up the family. Mark decided to tell Linda the truth, even though he was really scared. Linda was shocked. She had no idea all this was going on with Mark. She thought she was the only one feeling so unloved in the relationship. -- People often believe that they are withholding their truth to spare their partner pain, but their real intent is to protect themselves from the response they fear. Protecting against pain will bring about the very pain we fear, while opening to learning and speaking our truth opens the door to love.

Statistics on Love and Relationships
41% of female responders believe that in order to be committed to one another you both should agree to date exclusively, both party¡¦s actions reflect public and private commitment, and you both believe this could be ¡§the one¡¨. Breakup reasons: #1 reason sited by females is Lack of Maturity, #1 reason sited by males is Incompatibility.

Need Disguised as Love - Why many relationships end miserably
Many relationships end miserably. Why is that? The underlying reasons why many individuals enter relationships in the first place is the issue of having unmet expectations, which essentially equate with "need"; the need to be loved, the need to end one's loneliness, the need to be cared for, the need to be emotionally supported, the need to be financially supported, the need to be validated, the need to feel secure etc.

How to Gracefully End a Relationship
Breaking hearts is a tough reality of dating and should be tackled with as much respect and maturity as possible. If you are in a relationship and have tried everything from counseling to self help books with no avail, then maybe it is time to throw in the towel. Always host a break up in person whether you've been dating a week or decades. Never end a relationship by phone, during a fight or through someone else.

Five Things Women Do That Drive Men Away
The problem is that we too often expect our partners to think and behave as we do. Here is list of common things that women do, quite unknowingly, that drive men away. -- 2. Breaking Into His Cave. This is a big "no-no". When a man has a problem, he goes to his cave (becomes quiet and withdrawn) to solve it. This is normal behavior, and during these times, he doesn't want to talk or be disturbed. If you follow him into his cave, or pressure him to talk, you're likely to encounter a fire-breathing dragon.

He Wants to Leave
Your husband has done what many men do -- looked elsewhere for some excitement at a difficult time, hoping it will magically distract him or jump-start his motivation, instead of taking the more challenging path of examining his own dreams, his skills and his work goals. Your husband has some serious thinking about himself to do that he seems to have avoided.
(Psychology Today)

Did I cause him to break up with me? Signs he wants to break up
Many of us have a hard time recognizing when a relationship isn't working. How do you know when someone wants to break up with you? How do you break up so you understand what happened? There are several signs that he may be having doubts. The first is when he no longer makes an effort to spend time with you.

Research - Annoying habits may crack up a relationship   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Scientists have researched just how damaging these little habits can be in some relationships saying, if left unchecked and repeated constantly, they can cause a reaction similar to a physical allergy in the partner on the receiving end.
(Independent Online)

Are You Holding On Too Long?
One man told me that the woman he's dating wears a locket that contains a picture of her deceased husband. Every time he goes to kiss her, the dead husband is staring directly at him. It makes him feel uncomfortable and turns him off.
(ThirdAge Inc)

From Breakup To Bliss: Controlled Separation
Controlled separation is a time-limited contract as a way of getting some time apart, physically, and also working on the marriage. To start, couples must agree not to file for divorce during their controlled separation. Then they negotiate everything, including the length of the agreement; who moves out, child care; visitation; dating; even sex.