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Commitment & Man - Males & Marriage

Dating your present partner for a number of months or even years
You may be dating your partner for a number of months or even years and while there are always hints at marriage, your partner is delaying marriage even though relationship is going well. Men and women are in their habit of delaying a commitment, keeping the other partner in a state of uncertainty. When partners first get together there is always a hint at marriage. However, he or she may postpone wedding plans to finish personal pursuits or ask for space. Men who are ready for marriage are feeling secure in finances and are confident of his partner`s love and trust and are ready to give up their freedom.



Love, Commitment And Home Buying - Settling down
Suppose you're a young woman who's been dating a man for months. You yearn to marry him and buy a house together. But he hasn't proposed, and you're loath to pop the question yourself. You're becoming anxious because the lease on your apartment is up for renewal soon. As in this hypothetical case, housing plans often become entangled with relationship issues, says Neil Chethik, author of "VoiceMale," a book that probes men's attitudes on commitment, marriage and related issues. A man who seeks to buy a home with a woman expects to have a permanent relationship with her.

Advice on walking away from a commitment phobe
I have a male "friend" with whom I have been sleeping for over a year. We do have a lot in common and get along great. I enjoy every minute I spend with him. Here's the fun part: He is scared of commitment. He has had some pretty ugly relationships in the past, but I want him to know that I'm different. He makes me feel good about myself. -- Lot's of guys are against commitment in the abstract and change their mind after they are in a relationship. The love they feel provides the security for them to grow past their fears.

Why Won't Your Man Commit?
You consider yourself committed, but you're not sure about him. He never says words of commitment, and he never talks about your future together. Your man is probably in the pre-commitment stage. If either one of you is in the relationship until someone better comes along, you are in a pre-committed relationship: Your partner can be faithful, he can act like the two of you are a couple. But, if he won't verbalize his desire for a permanent relationship and isn't willing to "go public" with that desire, then he's just pre-committed. And it means that you're number one in his life - until someone better comes along.

Commitment: What Are We Committing and To Whom?
When we make a commitment to another person we are making the agreement to be present and available: physically, mentally and emotionally. We make agreements by exercising our personal choice. We communicate directly to others about what we will do, how we will behave and what they can reasonably expect from us, and we are willing to be held accountable. Being held accountable means we accept responsibility for the results of our choices, decisions and behaviors instead of blaming others or external factors. Individuals who believe they are in charge of the direction of their lives, are empowered to move forward. They focus on solutions, not problems.

People in Committed Relationships Are Happier
People in relationships are generally happier than other people, a new study finds. And spouses have the highest sense of well-being, whether they are happily married or not. People who cohabit are next on the scale of happiness, followed by those in steady relationships and then those in casual relationships. Unpartnered people report the lowest levels of well-being. The bottom line is that having a romantic relationship makes both men and women happier, and the stronger the relationship's commitment, the greater the happiness and sense of well-being of the partners.

Some answers from unmarried men on why they don't want to commit
Why don't some men want to commit themselves? How can I test if a man is serious? There are a number of different reasons, but here are some answers from unmarried men on why they don't want to commit:

Men Want Commitment as Much as Women: Study
In what researchers say contradicts the evolutionary idea that women naturally seek a single, long-term mate while men prefer to play to the field, the study found that both sexes typically want a lasting, monogamous relationship.
(Reuters Health)