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Dating after Divorce

Research: How Women Deal with Life and Dating After a Breakup
Study by Bronwen Lichtenstein focused on women over the age of 35 and the health problems they may face when they return to dating after breaking up from a long-term relationship. Her theory is that these women may make risky choices, because they has been away from the dating scene so long that they do not have any idea of what the scene is like today. She asked them how they met people and got started dating again: One place that a lot of them mentioned was the supermarket. They feel that there are not that many places for adults to go and meet other singles. They have the idea that most places and groups for singles are geared for the younger crowd.



Dating After Divorce -- Keys to get back into the dating scene
The rate of divorce remains high, leaving many adult men and women alone, available and wondering how to maneuver on the playing field. After years of being in a relationship, putting yourself back in the singles market can be a daunting task. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nine in 10 people will marry, but about one half of first marriages end in divorce. Between 1970 and 1996, the number of women living alone doubled, and the number nearly tripled for men. While it's true that some people choose not to date, others want to but don't know how to go about it or can't overcome their negative self-thoughts.

Leaving The Past Behind - On your way to a new relationship
You're on your way to a new relationship. You have just met a woman who seems perfect. There is only one problem -- can you trust her? Your heart has been blown to bits more than once and it took you so long to recover from your last girlfriend. You want to be able to move onto a new level, but you are still suffering from the burns you received in your last relationship. Learn where you can store your luggage in order to move on.

Dating After Divorce: First Date Baby Steps
We need practical advice, real world, honest to God, specific tips on what we should be doing. Not a mantra like, Be Positive, Think Happy Thoughts. No, we need something more like Insert Item A in Socket B. After all, we are guys, and need the instruction manual. I`m sure that many of you women reading this are nodding in agreement!
(Elites TV)

Dating After Divorce: Venturing into The Dark Abyss
Guys, we all know that feeling. That queasy one in the pit of our stomachs, a date with a new lady. No big deal when we were 18, or 21, or maybe even single at 30. But we`ve been married for a while, forgotten how to date and forgotten more about that other species known as females than we now know.
(Elites TV)