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Dating World

Online love is often blind, brief - Especially for women
Matches made over the Internet often do not last because people end up picking out unsuitable partners and forming emotional bonds before meeting face-to-face. Women are particularly susceptible to finding Mr. Wrong, as they tend to be attracted by witty comments or clever emails. It's easy for people to rapidly invest too much emotionally in an online relationship because they don't see the full image of the person they are emailing. People can avoid many of the troubles by meeting early in the virtual relationship, which will stop people from building up a fantasy image of their match.



Battle for singles - Online dating sites rejecting applicants
A bitter feud has broken out among U.S. online dating Web sites over the issue of rejecting applicants. The Washington Post reported on the feud, made public in tv ads that attack California's eHarmony for rejecting applicants based on a questionnaire. The campaign by Chemistry, an offshoot of Match-dot-com, is aimed at portraying eHarmony as unaccepting and Chemistry as a more open-minded site. The ads for Chemistry feature men and women wondering why they were turned down by eHarmony. eHarmony has begun to fight back, arguing that the site rejects applicants who are married or younger than 21.

Attract and turn a man on with 3 style changes
(1) Create trust with cosmetics: If you need to get something, like date, from someone else you need to evoke trust. You do not have hours or even minutes to form relationship, so appeal to a man`s instinctual mind, or as psychologists advise, just get your make-up right. Apply your cosmetics as if your were getting ready for the 6 o`clock news, and not a Las Vegas showgirl. (2) You can entice man by creating the ideal waist-to-hip ratio. Studies suggest that there is a direct link between a woman`s waste-to-hip (WTH) ratio and her attractiveness rating among men. The ideal WTH number is 0.7.

Are you hot enough - Dating site wants only attractive, pretty people
Jason Pellegrino and Sean Cohen created HotEnough for "fit, good-looking" people, after concluding that Internet dating sites attract a lot of desperate but not attractive people. Prospective members must submit at least 3 pictures (including one full-body shot) and must be rated at least 8 by people in the club. Once they are in, they are permitted to e-mail other "hotties" for $9.95 a month. In the beginning, only 8% of those who applied made the grade, but now about 25% do. "People can say that the site is shallow, they can say it's superficial, but I think we're all a bit superficial when it comes to dating."

10 things dating sites don't want you to know - pitfalls and what to do
Now that online dating has hit the mainstream, daters are beginning to see beyond the hype. (2) More men than women use dating sites: Most dating sites are skewed when it comes to the male/female ratio. If you are a man, you`ll need to work harder to attract attention. (3) Sometimes people lie: I read an article that told about the "shocking" results of a research that "revealed" that most people lie on online dating sites. Did that really come as a surprise to anyone? That is a very foolish thing to do, as most lies become apparent on the first date. (5) Some people are at a disadvantage online: Short men, single parents...

Desperately seeking love online - online dating service survey
Only 12% of South Africans have used net to find love. This is compared to 29% of the French, 21% of Filipinos and 15% of Americans. Over one third of those who aren`t online daters believe only "desperate people" use the internet to look for love. The results show an even match between those who think online dating is a great way to meet people (49%) and those who think it is a waste of time (48%) but show disparities between different nationalities. Entertainment is the main driver for 46% of online dating respondents, with many Brazilians (67%) and Americans (50%) trying online dating out of fun or curiosity.

Romance Scams Heating Up
As Valentines Day approaches, many people will be looking to the Internet to find romance, but they will have to wade through scores of scammers to find Mr. or Ms. Right. David says he fell for a romance scam in Dec 2005, when he thought he was helping a young Russian woman stranded in a foreign country. "Since then I have been approached on every dating site I have joined by supposed women who are stranded in Nigeria or Ghana. When the dating sites are notified they are scammers they do nothing about it." David's plight is not all that unusual. Romance scams have become so common there is even an users group dedicated to the subject.

The disastrous effects of - What women can do about It
Online dating services have given men access to thousands of women who look just as great in jeans and a little black dress. And the book, He's Just Not That Into You, provides a warm blankie of an excuse for every man who just cannot commit. While I agree with the tenant of the book to just move on to find the next one, they provide no rules to we women who will encounter yet another man who gorges at the table we have set for them. We start all over again only to find the same man in different clothes. When they finally are into making a commitment, they are into their 40s, ready to settle down with their bald head, and their decades of treating women poorly.

SMS influencing romance and relationships - Survey
From dating invitations to sexual comments, mobile text messaging is slowly changing the way young people approach romantic relationships, a survey has shown. More than half of mobile-users aged between 18 and 24 have sent or received an invitation to a date. 53% also agreed that sending a flirtatious message to someone while in a relationship was a form of cheating. 54% of women aged under 25, use their mobile phones to deter people from approaching them. "It acts as a kind of subliminal zone, an exclusive forum where the normal social rules are suspended. People often say things in texts which they would never say in real life."

Dating Communication Do's
A very important ingredient to having a superior relationship lies in good communication. In fact, it is almost impossible to have any kind of relationship with a person unless you are able to relate to him or her. The ability to communicate effectively means that you have to pay close attention and to listen very carefully. We all have different method of communication. You need to be able to understand, appreciate, and respect how other people communicate, especially your dating partner.

Disappointed Online Daters Awarded Refund
A judge ruled that two women looking for dates online are entitled to refunds for fees paid to an Internet matchmaking service after it failed to make good on its promise of helping people find true love. Civil Court Judge awarded one woman the $1,000 she had paid for a six-month membership to the Great Expectations Web site. The judge awarded the other woman, the $3,790 she paid for a 54-month deal.
(CBS News)

The hookup culture: Having casual relationships is the new dating
"Dating" has taken on a different meaning for today's generation of students. And for many, it means too much commitment for comfort - Dating is way too serious - Dating is like being married - Your generation doesn't have a good word for between hooking up and being married. Stepp, 53, said her generation's in-between word was "going steady." For today's generation, "going steady" is as out of style as poodle skirts.
(GW Hatchet Hatchet Publications)

Been on a really bad date lately? If so, you're not alone.
In a new survey on 'toxic dating,' 35% of Americans say they have dated a 'jerk,' 33% have dated a 'creep' and 18% have even dated a 'witch.' Overall, 21% of Americans have had dating experiences they describe as 'toxic.' Are some people just plain 'undateable?'