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30% of UK divorce cases uses evidence of adultery collected by private detectives
As Helen Gunn brought her car to a halt, she had to fight to control her nerves. She had never seen the house, but there was no misidentifying her husband Dan's Mercedes. It was a cold afternoon, and the address had been supplied by a private detective Helen had hired to prove her husband was cheating on her after 15 months of marriage. Knowing Dan and his mistress were inside, Helen took a deep breath, and walked to the front door... This was far from how Helen, an occupational therapist, had imagined things would turn out for them. "For 7 months while I'd been pregnant I'd suspected he was having an affair, but ... he'd denied it and insisted I was paranoid."



Couples have differing perspectives on why they divorced
Divorced men and women are totally apart when it comes to realizing why their marriage failed, says Edna Brown, who is studying the implications of race and gender among 200 people who are divorced. She says males and females have entirely different perceptions about what took place during their marriage. Females gave more wide-ranging reasons for the divorce. "Women said their marriages were abusive, that they fought and argued a lot, had value differences, and that there were alcohol and drug problems." Males gave one reason: family interference. She also studied race differences: "White couples were more likely to say they 'grew apart' than black couples."

Divorce risk highest within the first two years of marriage
The highest number of divorces, 10%, took place during the second year of marriage, reveals data from Cheap and fast "online divorces" have contributed to the "throwaway marriage" culture, says the advice site, which reports that online divorces have doubled in the past 6 months. The risk of an affair stays high for the first 5 years of a marriage - according to the survey which polled 11,000 cases. Men are the most likely to cheat and 80% of infidelity divorces were instigated by spurned wives. NEarly 25% of marriages end due to unreasonable behaviour with wives making the first move 60% of the time.

Men Twice as Likely to Experience Depression After Divorce
Study: Men are nearly twice as more likely to suffer from depression after they break up with their spouse. While both men and women whose marriages have dissolved have a higher risk of being depressed than people who remained with their spouses, the study found that men who had divorced or separated were 6 times more likely to report a depression compared with men who remained married. While both women and men have a higher risk of depression 2 years after the end of a marriage or relationship, most people said their depression ended within 4 years of breaking up with their partner.

Private investigators hired in half of all UK divorce cases
Private investigators were hired during half the divorce proceedings in Britain last year as wives or husbands tried to establish whether the spouse was having an affair, a survey revealed. 49% of divorces in Britain last year came after one partner asked an investigator to check whether the other was committing adultery. This compared with 18% in 2005. Last year 32% of divorces were attributed to infidelity, compared with 29% in 2005. In more than two-thirds of these it was the man who was declared unfaithful.

The big day: most common divorce
More Britons will initiate divorce proceedings Jan 8th than on any other day of the year. A survey found that Xmas was often the final nail in the marital coffin. James Stewart said: "Extra time together can force problems that already exist in the relationship to come to a head. We're expecting this to be our busiest day and indeed our busiest week." A poll of married, divorced and separated people found that a fifth of couples in Britain were on the brink of splitting up and one in 10 said they no longer had sex. 16% said their marriage was "on shaky ground", while another 2.5% said it was "on the rocks".

Increasing willingness of mothers to walk out on marriage
When Helen Kirwan-Taylor wrote a article saying she finds motherhood boring, she became the most vilified woman in Britain. Many condemned her as a selfish princess who shouldn't be allowed to have children. But her confession broke a taboo around the modern female's dissatisfaction with family life - they may be losing the art of enjoying their children. It is not female unhappiness with motherhood that is causing problems for children, but the increasing willingness of mothers to walk out on marriage. More than ever it is women who are the ones filing for divorce. The shift of power in marriages has led to a stampede of women leaving the institution.

Marriage can be more damaging than divorce to children
Staying together for the sake of the children can be more damaging than divorce. Children whose parents split up were twice as likely to do badly at school than pupils whose parents stayed together. But many pupils whose parents' relationship was in difficulty were at risk of under-achieving whether or not their parents separated. Children from happy homes did best whether their parents lived together or apart, researchers told. Children who kept close relationships with their non-resident parent, after a split did better than expected. The closeness of the relationship was more important than the frequency of contact with the parent.

Cost of divorce is keeping more couples together
Fewer couples are divorcing after less than five years of marriage because they cannot afford to buy a home on their own, figures suggest. Paula Hall said that as many as half the couples she saw were prepared to "stick it out", or work on their relationship, because the financial implications of divorce were so severe. Having spent much of their life in pursuit of material wealth, couples were not going to throw it away, particularly if children were involved, she said.

How to Stop Divorce - Make Everything about Both of You
Dependence is absolutely the worst thing for your relationship and will ultimately lead to an unhealthy co-dependency. Complete independence is not altogether good for a marriage either. If you are so focused on your own independence, you can never be a true couple. At the beginning of each month, sit down together as a couple and review your calendars. Your relationship commitments should always come first and be your top priority. Couples who keep their relationship first in their lives have the most enviable relationships.

For many men, a wife's request for divorce is the first sign of trouble in the marriage
For many men, a wife's request for a divorce is the first inkling that something is wrong with the relationship. Truth is, such men just don't recognize the signs. Take one common pattern: A wife snipes at everything he does, but he never stops to ask why she's always angry. -- For most males, that divorce means recovering the sense of emotional connectedness they did not have as part of their upbringing, like learning how to take responsibility for contacting others and building their own supportive social network.

New Study Linking Education and Divorce
Is the price of education marital woe? A recent study conducted by Um Al-Qura University in Makkah reports that educated couples are more likely to get divorced or have marital problems. Is ignorance marital bliss?
(Arab News)