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Ex - Wifes & Girlfriends

How to get over a breakup? 10 ways to get over a past relationship
(1) Take him/her out of your cell phone contact list. Each time you pass his/her name when browsing contacts you may experience those negative feelings. Why put yourself through such agony? (3) Make a list of all his/her bad qualities, and think about the things you did not share. (7) Start hanging around new people - especially if your social group is connected with your ex.



If your ex is overshadowing your new romance
When we fall in love, we bring all previous sexual experience into the new relationship. However much we want to make a fresh start, it's hard to get rid of the past. For many the legacy is a positive one, like when the ex has helped them to feel safe. However, if he or she was unfaithful, the past can cast a shadow. The ghosts of ex-lovers is less of a problem at the start. When we first make love, we are very aware of past lovers. Casting out the ex is part of the drive and passion. However, once lust at the start of a relationship, has begun to wear off, ghosts can creep back into the bedroom.

Can You trust your partner to Be Just friends with a previous lover
So your partner claims to be just friends with a previous lover... It's only natural to keep on to have feelings for your ex even after the break up, but what happens when your partner remains good friends with their ex? Is it possible for them to be 'just' friends or will they be prone to 'slippage'? --- Yes. We do think it's possible for your partner to remain friends with their ex. There's nothing wrong with this - as long as there are no secrets. Your partner should be open and honest with you about their feelings and where they stand. But what if you suspect that there's more than friendship going on?

Is He Really Over His Ex-Girlfriend
I`ve been dating this guy for 3 years, and just found out from his ex-girlfriend that in the first year of us dating he was still sending her flowers. She broke it off for good, and the last 2 years he has been with only me, but he has never gotten me flowers. Now he tells me he only loves me and wants to be with only me, but as far has being romantic to me... --- It sounds like your boyfriend was not over his previous girlfriend when the two of you decided to get serious. This can be a tough one, because he never gave himself time to heal and let go, which could result in him carrying around this baggage for a very long time.

All I want is to have him back
I met a man and we became inseparable. After two months he moved in; two months later he proposed. Months of bliss and true companionship ensued. Then I became ill and couldn't work. I felt him slipping away from me emotionally. There was no more holding hands, no more saying, "I love you." -- Your ex has done what makes him feel better, with scant regard for your feelings. The annals of break-up stories are filled with tales of women wondering why their man has absconded from the love nest. Men who behave as your partner have often been planning an exit strategy for some time and been behaving badly in the hope the woman will call time on their relationship.

Letting Go of the Ex -- Still preoccupied with your ex-spouse
Do you feel hostile toward your ex? Friendly? In terms of your well-being, it may not matter. What's important is that you're no longer preoccupied with him. Carol Masheter sought the difference between healthy and unhealthy post-divorce relationships, and found that preoccupation was the key. People who had high levels of both hostility and preoccupation weren't doing too well, but neither were those who felt friendly toward their former spouse and were still emotionally involved. People with low hostility and low preoccupation enjoyed the greatest well-being.

How to let go of your ex boyfriend , and his stuff
Your boyfriend breaks up with you, leaving you with a broken heart and a drawer full of boxers. You find his socks under your bed and his shaving kit in the bathroom. What should you do with his things? The instinct is to hold onto them. But here's the truth: The sooner you let go of his stuff, the sooner you will let go of him. According to a study, the less contact you have with your ex, the faster you'll heal.

Looking up old flame? Think twice
It sounds innocent. You get to wondering whatever happened to that special someone you dated in college, so you track her or him, down. You chat online, talk on the phone, meet for coffee. And faster than you ever imagined, everything gets out of hand and someone's marriage is ruined. Old flames often rekindle because a physical, chemical imprinting occurs when we meet our first love. What we find is that once those emotional memories get started, those feelings are strong and resilient.

Ex-Boyfriend blues
Every time I see an ex-boyfriend, I really feel down. It happens with guys who I broke up with and those that broke up with me, even though I`m now dating a guy who`s far superior to any of them. I`m 24 years old and have never been married. Please advise me. -- You might be so focused on having a successful relationship that you feel anxiety. Maybe you`re wondering if you`re ever going to meet the right guy, or if you`re ever going to get married. A failed relationship can be a reminder of this anxiety.

Rekindling old flames is possible but emotionally intense
Lost loves. First loves. We all have them but, given the opportunity, what to do when the possibility of reunion comes up? A psychiatrist offers her story, as well as what to look for.
(Psychology Today)

Should You Stay Friends With An Ex?
Guy is dating the "perfect" girl. The problem? She demands that he ditch his best friend... who happens to be his ex flame.

Study: The less contact you have with your ex the faster you'll heal
Your boyfriend breaks up with you, leaving you with a broken heart and a drawer full of boxers. You find his socks under your bed and his shaving kit in the bathroom. What should you do with his things? The instinct is to hold onto them. But here's the truth: The sooner you let go of his stuff, the sooner you will let go of him.
(Psychology Today)

Love blooms second time around
The first time Tricia Fujikawa and Troy Lee got together, it didn't work out. After dating for two months, they went their separate ways. Then a year later, they ran into each other and end up talking that night Ќ and starting dating again right away. This time, though, the relationship would last. "We both had to experience what we needed to experience," said Fujikawa.
(Honolulu Advertiser)