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The first Date

The Top 20 Do`s and Don`ts of Dating Rules
(1) Have fun: Dating is supposed to be enjoyable, so make it fun. (2) Do groom yourself: Make sure you are showered, and wear an outfit on that flatters you. (4) Compliment your date: If you think your date looks nice, say so. Do not focus on your date`s imperfections; focus on their good points. (6) Be honest: If the date didn`t click, tell that you will have to think about it and that you will contact them again if you are interested. (15) Don`t come on too strong: Speaking about serious commitment issues on a first date can frighten your date away.
(Stephany Alexander)



Prevent a first date fiasco - Tips for that all-important first date
Time is of the essence: There is nothing that scuttles a date quite like making your date wait for you for a half hour, not sure if she/he`s going anywhere. Laugh and listen: Ask about the other person and listen to what they say - Don`t forget the role humour can play in lightening the mood of the evening. Joint decisions: Decide beforehand where you want to go. If you decide on a steakhouse, your partner might be vegetarian. Or you decide on a movie the other person has seen twice. Trashing the ex: Don`t discuss previous partners. This creates the impression that you are still fixated on this person and not ready for a new relationship.

First dates: Readers have advice on modern romance
No matter how wonderful your date is compared with the schmucks you`ve been seeing (or married to) do not tell him that he is a nice guy Ќ at least not without lots and lots of explanation. -- That`s just one of many pieces of advice that readers came up with when asked to share their do`s and don`ts for first dates, when what should be the simple pleasure of getting to know another human being can buckle under the weight of unrealistic expectations, the desire to make a good impression, and the baggage of previous relationships.
(Toledo Blade)

Dating After Divorce: First Date Baby Steps
We need practical advice, real world, honest to God, specific tips on what we should be doing. Not a mantra like, Be Positive, Think Happy Thoughts. No, we need something more like Insert Item A in Socket B. After all, we are guys, and need the instruction manual. I`m sure that many of you women reading this are nodding in agreement!
(Elites TV)