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Food, Mood & Relationship

Recipe for better sex: What to eat to add spice
Need to enhance your love life? All the ingredients you need may be found at your local grocery store. Like many aspects of health, our sex drive is affected by what we put into our bodies. Depending on what you consume, wining and dining a date can induce more sleep than romance. A bottle of wine and fine chocolates may sound sweet, but such meals are little more than empty calories. To really get your blood going, consider circulation-enhancing dishes. Food that's high in Omega-3 fatty acids such as mackerel and salmon are best. "Sex is really about circuitry." Multivitamins and minerals help too.



How The Foods You Eat Can Affect Your Performance In Bed
The length of your performance, the quality of your sexual technique and even the strength and reliability of your erections are all, to some degree or another, controlled by the foods you eat on a daily basis. The blueberry is a sexual super-food often referred to as 'nature's little blue pill' because of its remarkable similarities to the wonder drug 'Viagra'. However, unlike 'Viagra', blueberries are cheap, readily available and able to be consumed in bulk!

Revealed, how love makes a woman's weight yo-yo
Women were given new food for thought about their weight. Apparently, it's not what you eat that dictates your size - it's love, or the lack of it. A lady's weight fluctuates according to the state of her relationship, says a study. The survey of more than 3,000 married women revealed the different stages the female figure goes through over the course of a lifetime. First comes The Honeymoon Period, when she will lose an average of 8.5lb. This is when she's met the man of her dreams and everything is new and exciting. She's so keen to impress that she even orders salad for a romantic meal.

Comfort Foods: Women Like Sugar, Men Meat
Comfort food for women often means snuggling up with tub of mint chocolate ice cream to wallow in their blues. But for men, comfort foods serve as a reward when life is looking rosy. It turns out women are slightly more likely to eat comfort foods high in fat and sugar like cakes and ice cream Ќ along with a hefty serving of guilt, loneliness and depression. Men are more likely to turn to soups, pasta and steaks as a reward when they're feeling upbeat.

Are we emotionally what we eat?
Negative emotions can send us rushing to the biscuit tin or hiding our horrors in a tub of ice-cream - with up to 43% of people using food to alter their mood. Others binge and vomit or develop anorexia as a way of trying to gain some sort of control over runaway feelings. Why so many of us have this up and down relationship with what, on its most fundamental level, is just a means of fuelling our bodies. Our complex relationship with food starts right back in the cradle. A baby's blood sugar falls if they are hungry and they get in a dire emotional state. They scream and cry, are fed and feel better.