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Friendship and True Friend

Brainscans reveal: True love can last a lifetime
Scientists at Stony Brook University have discovered that people can have a love that lasts a lifetime. A small number of couples respond with as much passion after 20 years as most people only do during the early phasees of romance. The researchers scanned the brains of couples together for 20 years and compared them with results from new lovers. 10% of the mature couples had the same chemical reactions when shown photos of their loved ones as those just starting out. Previous research has indicated that the first stages of romantic love fade within 15 months and after 10 years it has gone completely.



Too close to your best friend - Friendship intensity that borders on the bizarre
Hearing the singer Kate Nash speak about her intensely close friendship with her best friend Laura, you might feel freaked out: "Our speaking voices have even moulded into one, and last year, we got fake married at Glastonbury. There`s a part of us that just wants to hibernate together for ever." The two write each other poems, talk to one another many times a day and get their families together. "My boyfriend knows I have 4 types of love: for my family, my friends, him and Kate." But is it really so weird?

Women Are Best At Being Buddies
A 4-year study by sociologists has found that women are much more likely than men to make deep and lasting friendships. The investigation into social networks found that men are more fickle and calculating about who they should be friends with. Women on the other hand, stand by their friends through thick and thin. The study confirms that men are likely to base their friendship on social drinking. Single people, older people and white collar workers are also good at paring up. Middle class people are more likely to cast their net of friendship wider, while the working class tend to stick to their own kind.

Who Is A True Friend?
Everyone wants a true friend, and many of us believe that we have a friend who can be called a true friend. What kind of relations do friends share? When can we call a friend a true friend, and when can our friends take us as their true friend. How do we define a relation that can be called as one of true friendship? The very first sign of a very good friend, not necessarily a true friend is that we are not worried about courtesies. You will call your friend at any hour and talk without any thought of time in your mind. Similarly, whenever you need support, you will call a very good friend and ask him/her to help you out.
(articlealley-CD Mohatta)

What I know about men... married 4 times, lives with partner
I have always very much enjoyed the company of men. From the time that I became an actress, I was surrounded by them. At times, I actually haven't had many women friends at all - only men. Do I think it's possible to have platonic friendships with men? Definitely! No sexual undertones. It is rather wonderful. --- ...Then we broke up. That was a big trauma - more letters, all the heartbreak. We'd been like the two of us against the world, but then... well, that didn't work out. I ended it. And I went out with his older brother. I think I was into drama.

Can Men and Women Be Friends
Men and women can't be real friends? Blame the sexual tension that almost inevitably exists between any red-blooded, heterosexual man and woman. Point to the jealousy that plagues many rational people when a significant other befriends someone of the opposite sex. Boil it down to the inherent differences between the sexes. It just can't be done. Right? Wrong, say relationship experts. The belief that men and women can't be friends comes from another era in which women were at home and men were in the workplace, and the only way they could get together was for romance.

Keeping Friends - Openness in relationship
Openness is a common characteristic of people that have deep and good friendship. Most people often hide behind masks,vacillating between the impulse to reveal themselves and the impulse to protect themselves with a blanket of privacy. They long both to be known and to remain hidden! But it has been noted that the more serious reason for our masks is the Fear of rejection. Everyone has their shadow side and are quite reluctant to reveal this side to another so long as it scares us. But telling someone; a friend; about the dark side creates a chemistry to start working.

True Friends - Their Top 10 Characteristics
(1) When you forget the song in your heart, a friend is someone who sings it back to you. (2) A friend's support is unconditional: when the going gets tough a friend is right there beside you. (3) A friend has seen you at your worst and loves you even so. (4) A friend is someone with whom you can share secrets in confidence. (5) You can phone a friend for help even in the middle of the night.

Can I have male friends without the romance?
I would like to enjoy my ex-husband's good friendĄ¯s company on occasion but absolutely do not want anything other than a friend. I think he would feel the same way. Is it unrealistic to think we could get together on occasion without sex or commitment? -- Yes, itĄ¯s fine to contact him and say you would like to get together as friends. ItĄ¯s all about communication. If you are upfront and clear that you donĄ¯t want this to be romantic in any way, thatĄ¯s fine. Simply let him know this.

Are You Too Busy For Friends
If you currently feel that you don't have enough friends in your life, one reason may be that you have let yourself become too busy to make time for the relationships you already have. Nurturing and maintaining friendships requires effort and commitment. Many of us let our lives become so busy with work and other commitments that we don't get around to scheduling time for pleasure and renewal with the friends, relatives and acquaintances we already have.

Good friends Don't Pick Up On Anger
We often fail to detect concealed anger in close pals, but acquaintances spot it more readily.
(Psychology Today)