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Healthy relationship

How Healthy Is Your Relationship - Your IMs Hold the Answer
In a new study researchers reveals that the words couples send each other online are good indications of relationship health. 68 dating couples submitted copies of their IMs to each other over a 10 day period. After examining pages upon pages of IM conversations, the team discovered that women who often use the word "I" in IMs are more likely to be in happy, stable relationships. The study also found that positive negations like "not happy," and positive sarcasm from men like "oh, great" were linked with relationships that later ended.



Honesty can be overdone, endangering a relationship
Trust is the basis of every relationship. But in order for couples to be able to rely on one another, partners should not always honest. In some situations, it's better to keep quiet or fake it a little bit because too-generous openness can do more to destroy trust than keep it. "Demanding 100% openness and honesty is one of the main falsities about love. And complete honesty is neither possible nor desirable," said couples counsellor Dorothee Doering, a in Kaarst, Germany. Like when a woman asks her mate if her bottom looks big in her new jeans. And women are better off dealing questions about the qualities of their ex-lovers diplomatically.

Keeping Relationships Sexy
Sexual attraction may bring two people together, but it won't keep them together. Face it, Long hours on the job, bills and debt are not sexy. Having kids can take the spontaneity out of passion for years! In plain English, keeping relationship sexy is about putting in the time and making the effort to keep yourselves sexy for each other in very basic ways. (1) Keep yourself looking just as good today as you did before you walked down the aisle together. (2) Make an agreement that your bedroom is a place where arguments, problems, etc are not allowed. (3) Fantasize with each other...

5 Ways to Show Love
Every person has 5 basic needs in a relationship. What you think is miscommunication, may be a difference in the dialect of love you are speaking. "I need you to spend time with me..." The first need of every person is to spend quality time with the people in his or her life. This does not include a conversation with the tv in the background. It means valuing time together, like sitting across from each other at dinner and talk about the future. "Busy schedules drain you. Spending quality time together puts deposits in your emotional accounts and encourages your partner, while giving you both time to unwind."

What makes marriages work - 6 Stages of Marriage researched
More than half of us are not only bad at marriage, we're lousy at divorce - and we don't seem to be learning a thing: 60% of second marriages fail as well. So if we don't learn from our failures, is it possible to learn from others' successes? Researchers began a long-term look at marriage to discover what makes the good ones work. Stages of marriage are set by emotional themes and interaction patterns. (1) Partners see each other as perfect: necessary for a trust in each other's commitment. (2) Yet as signs of external interests emerge the other partner may view it as betrayal. The task is to start accepting differentness as enhancing the relationship.

Praise: Encouraging Signs
Hurdles like jealousy and miscommunication can determine whether a relationship succeeds. But what about how couples `cope` when something positive happens? According to a new set of studies, the way we respond to our mate`s good fortune is a strong predictor of marital satisfaction and, at least in the short term, whether a couple will break up.

Why Cupid's arrow takes a year to hit its target of true love
Who ever loved, that loved not at first sight? From Christopher Marlowe to Kylie, artists have spent centuries falling for it. Now scientists beg to differ: rather than being struck by thunderbolts of passion on first meeting, couples take up to a year to find true love. Researchers have concluded that "consummate love", defined as a balance of passion, intimacy and commitment, takes around 12 months to develop in a relationship. But the females of our species, it seems, are better at fending off cupid's arrow: men were more likely to experience true love than women, with 67% of men and 57% of women said to be savouring consummate love.

The basic ingredients for a healthy intimate relationship
Human beings crave intimacy, need to love and be loved. Yet people have much trouble doing so. (1) Choose a partner wisely and well. We are attracted to people for all kinds of reasons. They remind us of someone from our past. They shower us with gifts and make us feel important. Evaluate a potential partner as you would a friend; look at their character, personality, values, their generosity of spirit, the relationship between their words and actions, their relationships with others.

The 7 Unfailing Laws of Successful Relationships
Most think that relationships exist to make them happy. When they find that special person, they believe that love will naturally grow. But in relationships we encounter everything, challenges, joy, fulfillment, loss. Yet, despite all training in life, we seldom learn about the knitty gritty of relationships, how to build the relationship in a way that brings out the best in all. (Law #4) - Enjoy Honest Communication Without the ability to say No, we cannot say Yes.

Are Your Relationships Healthy?
The important distinction between a functional and a dysfunctional relationship is this: the former encourages personal growth (constructive), while the latter discourages personal growth (destructive). A functional relationship is not a fairy-tale type "they lived happily ever after" scenario; it is subject to the same stresses and challenges inherent in any human partnership. Below are the signs of a functional relationship: (1) Encouraging one another to develop new skills and interest.

What is Important To a Relationship?
Most people think that sharing the same religious background, having comparable intelligence and ambitions, being involved in the same sort of social life, and having the same financial goals and personal values are the most important things in a relationship.