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The secret of maintaining a happy marriage: 4 hugs a day
A poll of 4,000 happy couples found that spending at least 22 periods of "quality time" together every month was essential to maintaining a healthy relationship. Responses revealed that couples looking for happiness should aim to spend at least 7 evenings in together every month with two dinner dates. Other elements included two romantic walks a month and at least one visit to a pub or cinema. The couples also urged husbands to give their wife a gift once a month. But they also suggested people to spend at least one evening away from their partner a month. "We tend to forget the importance of hugs when familiarity becomes part of our lives," says Dr Ludwig F.Lowenstein.



Football helps the toughest men to show emotion and hug
Two-thirds of men questioned in a survey said football made it easier for them to share their feelings with other men. And 76% said they would not be embarrassed to hug their friends while watching a game. "It is encouraging that football makes it easier for men to talk about their feelings as, traditionally, men are far less likely than women to share their innermost thoughts. It is important that men feel able to express their emotions in whatever way they find most comfortable."

The Hug Drug
It just may be that no drug is more effective than a good, meaningful chat. A British study has demonstrated the healing power of friendship. The women who benefitted most from the friendship prescription typically experienced some kind of "fresh start": they reconnected or made amends with a person who was estranged from them, or left an unpleasant job for another that seemed more promising.

Hugs puts everyday worries to bed and makes you feel good
Survey results concluded that hugs increased the level of oxytocin, a naturally occurring chemical in humans. Oxytocin is related to reproduction and calms you; it makes you feel good.
(Daily Orange)

How hugs can aid women's hearts
Women's heart health may benefit more from hugs than men's, a study suggests. A team studied the effects of hugging on both partners in 38 couples. The study showed hugs increased levels of oxytocin, a "bonding" hormone, and reduced blood pressure - which cuts the risk of heart disease. But, writing in the Psychosomatic Medicine, the researchers said women recorded greater reductions in blood pressure than men after their hugs. Both men and women were seen to have higher levels of oxytocin after the hug. People in loving relationships were found to have higher levels of the hormone than others.

Hugs - Defination, How to, Types of hugs
A hug is, first of all, a form of non-verbal communication. It brings people together in a feeling of mutual love, comfort and safety. Research suggests that everyone needs physical contact to survive, especially infants. Hugging is an act of giving and receiving support, moral and physical, and love. Huggers - The giver and receiver of a hug. Huggee - In such aforementioned cases, this is the receiver of the hug. There are many different types of hug that can be used in a plethora of situations. Below is a list of the different types, and instructions on how to carry them out.