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How to Improve relationship - Tips & Advice

Happy marriage: 10 ways to improve relationship
(1) Communicate any way you can. Being together and being friends is how all good relationships begin and grow stronger. If you don't feel like your partner has your best interests at heart you won't commit for life. (3) Be kind. It's so easy to be bad-tempered when you spent a lot of time with someone (5) Once in a while, do one thing that you wish your partner would do for you. (10) Touch each other frequently. It doesn't have to be long, in public or sexual. Do it in a way that says: "I am in this with you, and it's where I want to be".



Empty nest may be good for parents' marriage
Don't send the kids away just yet, but new research shows that an empty nest can help parents' marriage. It's not that spending more time together makes the difference. Instead, the study found that an empty nest improves the marriage because couples have more fun during the time they spend together. But, even though marital satisfaction increased, overall life satisfaction did not - which reveals that the benefits of an empty nest were related to the marriage. Whether it was a first marriage or a re-marriage didn't make any difference.

Don't let stress ruin your sex life and, ultimately, your relationship
Stress can take a major toll on sex life. For a man, work and money-related stress is especially likely to take its toll on libido. For a woman, home-based stress, including what`s going on in relationship, can send her sexual desire packing. In today's world, many couples find themselves juggling a long list of responsibilities. From kids to careers to just getting enough sleep, it's easy for many couples to allow their relationship to fall to the bottom of that to-do list. The problem is that even if a couple has a strong commitment and partnership, without sex, a relationship becomes very vulnerable.

Tips how to make your true love last a lifetime
(1) Avoid negative thought patterns. Allowing yourself to mentally or verbally take down your spouse other is like chewing at the bond that holds you together. (3) Be more flexible and forgiving with your spouse than anyone else. We expect our spouse to "understand" our stress or restrictions. Reserve your patience and kindness for the person who means the most to you. (8) Remain loyal and unselfish. Start worrying more about whether you are being a good spouse than whether your spouse is being a good partner to you. Life isn't all about you, how you're feeling and what you want.

7 Marriage Tips To Stay Lucky In Love
Thousands of couples will walk down the aisle Saturday, 7-7-07, hoping all those 7s will keep them lucky in love. Here, relationship experts offer their best marriage tips for how to stay lucky in love. (1) Purge the "Divorce" word. With the taste of wedding cake barely off their lips, divorce is the last thought on newlyweds' minds. But as the honeymoon period wanes, and day-to-day difficulties crop up, the word can come up during arguments. "Just don't go there. Some people pull that out much too early, and much too often in a relationship. It raises a whole level of anxiety in the person hearing it," suggests Steve Brody.

What Men And Women Don't Want From A Relationship
To decipher the deal-breakers of another, you need to observe and listen. Don't ask too many questions, and don't talk about your deal-breakers on a date. 3 most common deal-breakers for men are: (1) Overly independent women who can't turn the "boss" off. (2) A woman who is not flexible. (3) A woman who does not take care of herself physically. Men don't always like the trappings that come with dating successful women. Men want a soft place to land when they come home. --- 3 most common deal-breakers for women are: (1) Men that are frugal. (2) A man without a plan. (3) Cheating and lying.

6 relationship mistakes to avoid - Balance love life, personal needs
We should make more time for ourselves, but we don't really think it's a priority. If we don't put ourselves first some of the time, not only can our health suffer, but also our relationships. Dr. Laura Berman, author of `For Women Only` and `Secrets of the Sexually Satisfied Woman,` tells women 6 relationship mistakes to avoid: (3) Shutting down sexually: Women can experience low sex drive for any number of reasons. However, men achieve a sense of intimacy through sex, it's just how they're wired. If there is a sexual problem, don't sweep it under the carpet. The earlier you get help, the easier it is to get your sex life back on track.

Deal Breakers: How to Heal a Relationship and When to Call It Quits
In her book "Deal Breakers" psychoanalyst Bethany Marshall outlines how men and women should decide when to continue working on a relationship and when to call it quits. She suggests setting boundaries, or deal breakers, to achieve the happiness that every person deserves. She appeared on "Good Morning America" with tips on how to save a marriage. Every relationship has an "original agreement," - emotional, sexual or financial. Some are a combination of all three. You know you've come to a dead end in your relationship when your original agreement isn't being fulfilled.

Improve marriage: US couples seek separate bedrooms
More and more couples in the US are ordering separate master bedrooms in their homes to help ensure a more harmonious marriage. A survey has predicted that by 2015, 60% of custom-built homes will have two master bedroom suites. The quest for better rest is behind the trend, as experts say the lack of sleep can cause marital tension. The option of having separate rooms has often improved marriages. Separate bedrooms have usually been taken as a sign of a failing relationship, but for many they appear to be becoming a practical necessity.

How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It
Even with the best of intentions, talking about your relationship doesn`t bring you closer together, and it will drive you apart, say Patricia Love and Steven Stosny. There's a biological difference at work underneath most couples` fights, and that's why improving a marriage can`t happen through words. Men has a raised sensitivity to feeling inadequacy. Male impulse is to hide, so he can`t tell her about it. So man disguises it with annoyance. Woman does not understand that each time she tries to make improvements, the message man hears is that he is not meeting her expectations, which sends him into the pain of his own inadequacy.

How to bring love into your life by Jacques Theron
(1) Be honest with yourself: "Start by taking a clear, firm look at your past relationships. Find the common patterns and identify the ones you want to break." (5) Enhance yourself: "Choosing your conversation is like choosing an outfit. But we sometimes forget to put the same effort into conversation." (6) Get into his head: When you've found someone you want to reel in, it's time to start the seduction process. "Reveal yourself slowly. You want someone to be wondering about you night and day." Seduction involves a touch of mystery, so don't divulge everything about yourself in a hurry.

For men only: Rescue your relationship
So much of counselling and relationship advice is spent telling women how to keep their man that, this time around, Outlook magazine has decided to do things differently. This week counsellors attached give advice to men on how to keep their marriages intact. --- Admit where you have gone wrong: These words can be the most difficult words for men to say, but they must be said. It takes a man to say 'I am sorry,' 'I messed up,' 'Please forgive me'. However, when these words are said from a true heart, the marriage may start to breathe life again.

Boost Your Relationship with Humor
Do you get annoyed when he teases you about being clumsy or talking too much? It`s time to use humor as a strategy to charm him, not alienate. Humor can make your marriage happier than ever! Men use humor to achieve status and women laugh at men`s jokes to show appreciation. Now reverse the roles: When men laugh at women`s jokes there is truly a happy blend. Science shows that what makes you laugh is not only subjective, but based on gender. Men often tell a rehearsed joke because of a guaranteed response. If you want to charm the man in your life and make him feel on top of the world, laugh at his jokes.

How to train a woman
Women may want to mold their men to be more obedient and less irksome, but there are nagging questions about nagging: Does it work? Helen Fisher speculated that it might be easier for men to train women because "women are better at reading the emotions in your voice. So just the man's tone of voice as opposed to even the words could be rewarding." Both sexes would be better off ignoring irritating bad behavior. "I think both sexes are busy manipulating each other. Women will nag and men will tease." It may be hard for men to use compliments to alter female behavior because women give and get so many insincere compliments that they're immune to flattering words.

How I Got Rid of the green-eyed Monster called Jealousy
Make a decision to get rid of Jealousy. That means telling yourself that you have had it with the attitude of being suspicious, distrusting and possessive. Have respect for yourself. If your partner abandons you, put your hurt behind and start life over. If he actually cheats on you, he is not worth your time and effort. Learn how to communicate effectively. Don't nag. Don't bring out old issues - they put a stop for further constructive conversations. Learn to listen without interrupting, judging and probing. If you must ask, do it with the intent to seek understanding. Love everyone including yourself unconditionally.

Improve Your Relatonships - tried and true tips
Here are some tried and true tips from people who have enjoyed long, happy relationships. (1) Refresh Take time to look back, refresh your memories and share what brought you together. Especially when times are difficult, lean back and rely on these old memories as your foundation and glue yourselves back together with them. (6). Disagree Agree that it`s okay to disagree on some issues, and leave it at that. No need to create a new religion or political movement just to appease both of you. You don`t have to agree on everything. And you won`t. And that`s okay.

7 Myths About Creating A Better Relationship
7 Myths About Creating A Better Relationship by Cecil McIntosh. In my private practice for over 14 years no matter what my clients have come to see me about, there has always been an issue about a better relationship. Here are 7 of the most common misconceptions my clients have related to me about having a better relationship. These misconceptions are followed by my perspective on each one of them.