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Latest hand-picked Relationship news and articles

8 infidelity signs that reveal a cheater who is trying to cover his tracks
(1) Deleting cell phone logs. If he's deleting all his text messages and incoming/outgoing calls, it's a sign that he has something to hide. No one deletes everything, from their cell phone, all the time, unless there is something they really want to hide. Get hold of the phone bill to find out what it is. --- (5) If your partner arrives home smelling like he just showered, something could be amiss. This could be sign that he made an attempt to wash away something he doesn't want you smell. The giveaway is that he smells of a different soap than the one used at home or at gym.



15 warning flags that signal your marriage is over
(1) Has it become impossible to talk to your partner without it turning into a heated argument? (3) Does your husband threaten you? This is a warning flag you should never dismiss. (8) Does your spouse respect you: Do they belittle you, or make you feel worse than them? (10) Does your partner resist your personal growth: Do they want you to stay the same, despite the fact that you are a living thriving being? (14) Has your husband been unhappy for so long that they have given up on the marriage?

Happy marriage: 10 ways to improve relationship
(1) Communicate any way you can. Being together and being friends is how all good relationships begin and grow stronger. If you don't feel like your partner has your best interests at heart you won't commit for life. (3) Be kind. It's so easy to be bad-tempered when you spent a lot of time with someone (5) Once in a while, do one thing that you wish your partner would do for you. (10) Touch each other frequently. It doesn't have to be long, in public or sexual. Do it in a way that says: "I am in this with you, and it's where I want to be".

Infographic offers facts about cheating: Why, with who, for how long
Some facts about cheating and infidelity. The more money a husband makes, the more likely he is to be unfaithful (more money brings more opportunity and wealth tends to attract more women). 98% of men have fantasies about a woman other than their partner. Husbands are much more likely than wives to be serial cheaters.

14.6% of newly hitched couples are interracial
Nearly 1 in 7 new marriages in the United States is interethnic or interracial. 20 years ago, 6.8% of newly hitched couples said they had married outside their race or ethnicity. That percentage now hovers around 14.6%, according to the Pew Report. Marrying outside one's own race is most common for Asians and Hispanics. A gender difference is clearly present among the Asian population, with 40% of newlywed Asian women marrying outside their race and only 20% of Asian men doing so. 18% of African-Americans married interracially, with black men more likely than black women to do so.

10 ways how to catch a cheating spouse - Photographs
Smartphones, social networks and computers keep records of who you've called, texted or e-mailed within reach. Women spy on their partners 33% of the time, while men check 30% of the time. If you cheat there's a 30% chance you're going to be caught if you leave evidence on your phone, reveals Retrevo's latest Gadgetology Report. And 10% of those who looked caught their cheating spouse and ended the relationship. But maybe they weren't trying hard enough: there are keystroke logging gadgets and software. The more advanced solutions can look for certain keywords and notify you if they're typed.

15 mistakes that ruin relationship
(7) Having friends that hold you back: We all know what it's like to hang out with a harmful friend who gives bad advice and who holds you back because of their own selfishness. (9) Putting exercise before romance: There are persons who are so preoccupied with every gram they eat and every workout they do that they have no time, energy, willpower or confidence to date. (12) You're too nice and can't say "no": The types of people who let others walk all over them. Learn to put yourself first from time to time and you might just see that things will start to look up.

Couple with one child 25% more likely to face divorce
Having A child can break - rather than make - a marriage, a research by ESRI into family life has discovered. A married couple with one child was 25%-30% more likely to face marital breakdown than those with either no children, or two or more. Having one child put an extra strain on a marriage - but couples with two or more children seemed to have survived the strain. Some wonder if couples whose marriages were already under strain tried to save the relationship by having a child, only to find that the problems remained.

Husband forced to pay out 55,000 to the mistress he dumped after 20 years
A husband has been ordered to pay 55,000 pounds to his mistress after ending their 20-year affair. The man was sued for compensation by her over the affection she had given him and the shock of the split. "He always told me he would look after me, then he left me," the woman said, adding that she deserved the money: "I gave him the best years of my life and I believe others should follow my lead." The man, from Melbourne in Australia, was forced to make the pay-out after a change in the law in the state of Victoria. The Family Law Act gives those in common-law relationships (like long-term lovers and same-sex marriages) the same rights as those in traditional marriages.

The Differences Between Marriage and Cohabitation
Most people have no clue about the differences between marriage and cohabitation. The number of couples in the U.S. who are "living together" without marriage has climbed up almost 1000% since 1970. Living together has become the "normative experience," with almost 50% of young adults aged 20-40 cohabiting. The National Sex Survey revealed that men in cohabitating relationships are 4 times more likely to be unfaithful than husbands - and that women in cohabitating relationships are 8 times more likely to cheat than are wives.