Office Is The Best Bet For Finding Romance

If you are looking for love don't bother with pubs, clubs and dating sites - go to the office.

A massive 61 per cent of all relationships now begin at work, according to new research.

And with love in the workplace flourishing it's unsurprising passion is rife - a third of women admit to having sex in the office, and a quarter of attached women confess to having cheated with a work colleague.

The study, commissioned by NW (New Woman) Magazine and, questioned 2000 women in the workplace, with an average age of 28.

It found that 94 per cent of women flirt in the office, and more than half have ended up in bed with a colleague at some point in their careers.

Eight out of ten girls admits fantasising about a colleague, with 32 per cent saying they currently had a crush on someone they worked with.

Current views on sexual harassment may also be misplaced. Although nine out of ten women say a male colleague has made a pass at them, only two per cent complained. In contrast, 47 per cent said they felt flattered, 33 per cent thought it was 'a laugh' and 18 per cent arranged a date.

When it comes to flirting, email is a tried and tested technique, with 63 per cent of women saying the flirted electronically with their colleagues, and 43 per cent of these saying they had ended up in bed with the correspondent.

Lauren Libbert, Editor of NW Magazine, says: "There's so much flirting and dating going on in the workplace it's surprising the economy hasn't collapsed. But they do say love makes the world go round.

"So many people find love at work because it's an ideal environment for slow-burn relationships - the male colleague on the other side of the desk may not be a pin-up but he grows on you."

The study also found that men at the top are most attractive to women, with 91 per cent of women flirting with colleagues 'on a higher job level' - and just nine per cent lusting after someone below then on the career ladder.

Two in ten women have slept with their boss at some point in their careers and a fifth claimed they 'would consider sleeping with a male boss regardless of whether or not they fancied him if it meant certain promotion'.

But only four per cent of those who slept with the boss were promoted. Thirty one per cent said they had 'gained some privilege' but two per cent had to leave the company. The majority, 63 per cent, said that it made no difference to their position.

Six per cent described their boss as a 'total lech'.

Ms Libbert said: "Power is definitely an aphrodisiac and the reason so many women fantasise about a male boss is because they fancy a slice of his lifestyle more than him."

Office romances are not limited to flirting, though, with a third of women questioned admitting they had had sex in the workplace and 36 per cent saying they would be prepared to.

'His Office' is the most popular place for lovemaking, with 30 per cent of the vote, closely followed by the bathroom, 29 per cent, 'her office', 22 per cent, on the boss's desk, 19 per cent, in the car-park 19 per cent, in the lift, eleven per cent, the canteen or staff room, nine per cent, and even on the photocopier, with three per cent.

Only four per cent said they had been caught at it by a colleague.

The majority (58 per cent) said that sex with a colleague had no effect on the working relationship. Five out of ten said it improved it, 14 per cent that it spoilt it and six per cent saying it led to them leaving the company.

The survey also found that more than a third of women - 34 per cent - 'go commando' at work, with 13 per cent saying it was to avoid visible panty line and 21 per cent claiming it was their 'naughty secret'.

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