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Male Manual for Women

My boyfriend cares about me, but won`t touch me in public
(Question) Is it normal for my boyfriend of more than a year to avoid public displays of affection? He rarely kisses me or holds my hand when we're in public. He pulls away if I reach for him in public. --- (Answer) Given that the two of you work together, the situation is not simple. There are many workplaces where office romance is disapproved (fear of accusations of sexual harassment). And, if you split up, you would be subject to all sorts of gossip. Or your boyfriend might have some social anxiety, so that he dislikes the disclosure of any personal information (like his romantic life).



Men are sloppy kissers, but they do have a method behind their messiness
Men seem to like wet kisses with more "tongue action," said anthropologist Helen Fisher. This could be because modern males are instinctually using kisses to pick up traces of estrogen in a woman's saliva and thus estimate her fertility. Wet kisses could also be an unconscious effort to transfer testosterone to the woman, which would provoke her sexual interest. And the chemical cocktail of saliva may reveal us if the person we're kissing is a genetically compatible choice to mate with. The majority of men and women rate their first kiss as either "the kiss of death" or the blossoming of a new relationship.

Manhood and monogamy polled in UK
About 20% of those currently in a stable relationship admit to having been unfaithful to their current partner. Men are more likely than women to have been unfaithful - 22% of men vs 13% of women. 71% of those who have cheated, have done so on more than one time. More than half of all those who have cheated have been unfaithful with someone who is either a friend of their partner or known to their partner. The most important part of a relationship is trust, followed by communication and sex - and the importance of sex decreases over time. Those who are single are twice as likely to view sex as the most crucial factor.

Why men do stupid things: The psychological appeal of prostitutes
Having treated men who find prostitutes irresistible, I have discovered that for the majority, the appeal lies in the fact that the woman is experienced as totally devoted to the man. The man doesn't have to please, doesn't have to make her happy, doesn't have to worry about her emotional needs or demands. He can be totally selfish. He can be especially aggressive or passive, and not only is the woman not upset, she acts aroused. He is not responsible for her, and she is focused on him. All this is scripted, she is acting, but it doesn't matter. For men, the illusion of authenticity is enough.

Get inside the minds of married men - excerpt
In book "Husbandry: Sex, Love and Dirty Laundry - Inside the Minds of Married Men," Stephen Fried expounds on the differences between men and women, the humorous complications of marriage and why men just can't bring themselves to stop and ask for directions.

Spouse training 101: You can`t make me
Many women complain because their spouses often ignore even the sweetest attempts at cajoling when it comes to helping around the house. According to a research, husbands may be ignoring wives on accident. That`s right: He doesn`t really mean to ignore her; it`s a subconscious thing. When a man fails to help around the house, his poor performance may be related to a subconscious tendency to resist doing anything his wife wants. People were more apt to unintentionally act in a counterproductive manner because they view others` demands as an intrusion on their freedom.

Insights into how men think - What men want
Commitment-phobic and only focused on looks, that's the way most men are stereotyped. Neil Chethik did 5 years of research to find out what's inside the mind of the male - He found just about every man listed the same qualities they look for in a woman: "One was self-confidence. Men really like a woman who feels good about herself. A sense of humor is very important to men." Commitment: There's no trickery needed. Just a lot of patience. "Most men want to be in relationships. It's not that they are afraid of commitment... but they are slow to commit because once they do commit, they stay committed."

Sharing a bed could reduce your brain power if you are a man
When men spend the night with a bed mate their sleep is disturbed, whether they make love or not, and this impairs their mental ability the next day. The lack of sleep also increases a man's stress hormone levels. According to a study, women who share a bed fare better because they sleep more deeply. Bed sharing also affected dream recall: Women remembered more after sleeping alone and men recalled best after sex. Sleep expert said: "Historically, we have never been meant to sleep in the same bed as each other. It is a bizarre thing to do. Sleep is the most selfish thing you can do and it's vital for good physical and mental health."

A pretty woman is enough to mess a man's decision-making skills
Catching sight of a pretty woman really is enough to throw a man's decision-making skills into disarray, a study suggests. The more testosterone he has, the stronger the effect. Men about to play a financial game were shown images of sexy women or lingerie. The Proceedings of the study found they were more likely to accept unfair offers than men not been exposed to the alluring images. The suggestion is that the sexual cues distract the men's thoughts, preventing them from focusing on their task - particularly among those with high natural testosterone levels.

Marital Communication: Influencing and Persuading Your Spouse
Why does my husband always disagree? Why does my wife put my ideas down? One of the most irritating aspects of life as a united couple is trying to convince your spouse when they take a Macho attitude. Wives say that when they want to suggest an idea to their spouse, or get an agreement that a problem needs to be fixed, they are often faced with denial and negative attitudes. Husbands report that when they want to try something new, their partners often reject their suggestion without proper consideration. And both men and women say that they resent tiptoeing around on eggshells to avoid getting their life partners angry.

Men get their togetherness needs met through companionship
My husband and I have a problem when it comes to spending time together. He thinks we have spent time together if we have watched a movie or TV show or taken a walk together. How can we be together if we don't have any time to talk while we're together? I want to talk and find out what he is thinking and feeling. What can we do? -- In general, men get their togetherness needs met through companionship; women get their togetherness needs met through connection.

Dealing with a sense of entitlement
My boyfriend can never be wrong, and nothing the least bit critical can be said to him without him getting angry, defensive, withdrawn and self-righteous. -- Among other things we could say about this (his self-esteem is very low, he's fragile, feels inadequate and inferior, a control freak, possibly a narcissist and has poor relationship skills), your boyfriend has taken a position of entitlement. Entitled people act intolerant of anyone that dares to say anything they interpret as criticism. They aren't empathetic to other people, especially an intimate partner who has the power to criticize, judge or reject them.

How to Program Your Man - Anchors
Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could program your man as easily as purchasing your next flick on pay per view? Well it isn't as absurd as it sounds. Every day we program each other subconsciously. There are reasons why we like certain people and dislike others. Many time this has nothing to do with logic and everything to do with anchors.

Advice on supporting the dreams of a spouse
For the last two months, I've spent just about every waking minute regretting the life choices I've made so far. ... Once you've registered for a class or decided among your new colleagues on a regular meeting schedule, ask your husband for his cooperation. Don't expect him to break out the champagne, but do spell out exactly what you'd like from him.
(Psychology Today)

Keep Him Interested - Everybody likes to win a prize
Women often make themselves too available in relationships. Everybody, man or woman, likes to win a prize. Being available, but not too-available, makes you a prize.