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Pregnancy & Maternity

Having a baby won't save a troubled marriage - Couples should wait until ready
For many years, the advice for marital malaise was simple: Have a baby. Then, in the late 1970s, researchers noticed that bliss declines after childbirth, as couples are burdened. Now, a third scenario is offered, based on a synthesis of existing studies: If both partners are equally happy about a pregnancy (and careful not to backslide into traditional gender roles) most couples return to previous levels of satisfaction. Those couples who disagreed (about 33%) on the new addition continued to be stuck in tension, and all were separated or divorced by the time the kid reached kindergarten.



Women Get Paternal Clues In Men's Faces
Women looking for a long-term relationship like men who like children - and they can tell which guys might be interested in becoming fathers just by looking at their faces. This study suggests that women are picking up on facial cues that are perhaps related to paternal qualities. The more they perceived the men as liking kids, the more likely they could see having a longer-term relationship. Experts said evolution has apparently programmed women to recognize men who might be interested in propagating the species by raising a family.

Slower conception 'leads to boys'
The longer a woman takes to get pregnant, the more likely she is to have a boy, scientists suggest. Dutch researchers analysed data for 5,283 women who gave birth to single babies between 2001 and 2003. Among the 498 women who took longer than a year to get pregnant, the chance of having a boy was almost 58%. The average ratio for countries is 105 boys to 100 girls.

Not-So-Accidental Pregnancies
Melinda Spohn decided to study why so many of her clients told her that their pregnancies were unplanned, despite the variety of easily available birth control. More than a third of women said they had risked pregnancy in the past with men who had attractive qualities -- such as commitment to the relationship, good financial prospects or the desire for a family -- but hadn't discussed the possibility of pregnancy with their partner. It was unclear how many women actually became pregnant.

Parenting: Here Comes Trouble
In a study that strips the sentimentality off new parenthood, a researcher reports that 50 to 80% of new mothers and 30% of new fathers suffer depression, setting them up to be unresponsive to their new baby and to each other. Such high rates of postpartum depression result directly from the dramatic drop in intimacy couples experience after the birth of a baby. Studies of newlyweds show that for 67%, childbirth brings conflict, hostility and alienation, which starts many couples down the road to divorce.

Mother no longer knows best, high court told
The long-held belief among parents that they know what is best for a child is out of date and represents a traditional paternalistic approach that contradicts social changes in western Europe, it was claimed at the high court yesterday. Ms Lieven argued that parents are no longer necessarily the best people to advise a child on contraception, sexually transmitted infections and abortions - and they have no right to know if their children under 16 are seeking treatment.

Say yes to saying no - Teen pregnancies unplanned and unwanted
Every year, almost 1 million teenage girls, between the ages of 15 and 19, become pregnant. And statistics show that 74%-95% of these pregnancies are unplanned and unwanted. In fact, 13% of all births in the US are to teen mothers. The US teen birth rate is twice as high as in Canada; two times higher than in Australia; four times higher than in Germany; five times higher than in France; and nine times higher in Japan. In addition to unwanted pregnancies, one in every four sexually active teen will experience a sexual transmitted disease or STD before reaching the age of 20.

Unwed Mothers Are Less Likely to Marry
Unwed mothers are significantly less likely to marry; when they do marry, they are less likely to improve their socioeconomic status through marriage than their childless counterparts, says a Cornell University study. The results have implications for marriage promotion policies.

Women bypass sex in favour of 'instant pregnancies'
Instant pregnancies - Women are more and more seeking inappropriate IVF treatment because they do not have the time or inclination for a sex life and want to "diarise" their busy lives.