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Romance Advice

23 tips to keep romance alive
(4) Outlaw Grunge-Wear: When having a Blockbuster night think twice before you change into lounging-on-the-couch clothes ... you know, oversize T-shirt, wear-and-tear sweater. That isn't exactly a recipe for a night of making googly eyes. Instead, wear something a little more comfortable but a lot more attractive like tank top, especially when worn without a bra. --- (7) Flash Him: When no one's looking, give your guy a sneak peek in public. Granted, it's not violins-in-the-background romantic, but it's guaranteed to send his heart - and pulse - soaring.



Romance study finds Americans fail to make the grade
Americans are not as romantic as they would like to believe. Although 79% consider themselves romantic, most admit that they make very little effort to show they care during the year. In fact, during 2006, 48% of those surveyed did not send flowers to their significant other, 66% did not send a love letter, 42% did not plan a romantic getaway, and 32% did not cook a romantic meal. But many plan to make up for it on Valentine`s Day. When casually Dating, but not ready to commit just yet, a simple arrangement of lilies or tulips is a nice way to show her that she`s on your mind and that you appreciate her companionship.

Romance ќ The 10 Biggest Misconceptions
1. Romance and Sex are the Same Thing: This could not be any further from the truth. Although romance can lead to sex, a person being romantic just for sex will be completely transparent and possibly backfire. 4. Romance requires a great deal of time and effort: While some aspects of romance can require lots of time, romance is also about the little things that make a big difference in a relationship. A simple thing like turning down the lights exudes Romance and takes very little time and effort.

How to keep romance alive throughout a relationship and marriage
What one thing do you most want to know about love and relationship? Recently we surveyed 10,000 men and women asking that question. 95% of those responding wanted to know how to keep romance alive throughout a relationship and marriage. No surprise. During our 15 years working with singles and couples it's been romance that has been the most desired as well as the most illusive of all relationship experiences. More than sex. More than good communication. More than family.

Avoid the death of romance in your own relationship
Any long-term relationship can get to a point where it may feel as if romance is dead. There are many reasons that this may happen, and it is very rare that a relationship doesn`t go through a dry spell. In order to avoid the death of romance in your own relationship you must take active steps to keep the flames burning. Romance tends to die when a couple gets too comfortable with each other.

Recovering from Romantic Fantasy
Recovering from romantic fantasy is based on your willingness to accept who you and your partner are -- without deceit, without drama, without all of the false puffery so many of us put around our images of love, relationship and intimacy. Recovering from romantic fantasy does not mean living without it. It means you will have, perhaps for the first time in your life, the chance to experience reality-based romance that is meaningful, fulfilling, passionate and can actually help create a relationship you can trust and delight in.