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Settle down

Couple with one child 25% more likely to face divorce
Having A child can break - rather than make - a marriage, a research by ESRI into family life has discovered. A married couple with one child was 25%-30% more likely to face marital breakdown than those with either no children, or two or more. Having one child put an extra strain on a marriage - but couples with two or more children seemed to have survived the strain. Some wonder if couples whose marriages were already under strain tried to save the relationship by having a child, only to find that the problems remained.



The Differences Between Marriage and Cohabitation
Most people have no clue about the differences between marriage and cohabitation. The number of couples in the U.S. who are "living together" without marriage has climbed up almost 1000% since 1970. Living together has become the "normative experience," with almost 50% of young adults aged 20-40 cohabiting. The National Sex Survey revealed that men in cohabitating relationships are 4 times more likely to be unfaithful than husbands - and that women in cohabitating relationships are 8 times more likely to cheat than are wives.

Married couples irritate each other more as they age, but that means they're close
If your spouse bugs you now, the future is bleak. Research hints couples view one another as even more irritating the longer they are together. The same trend was not discovered for relationships with children or friends. This could be a result of accumulated contact with a spouse, such that the nitpicking that once triggered just a mild chafe grows into a major pain. But accumulated irritation has its silver lining. "As we age and become closer and more comfortable with one another, it could be that we're more able to express ourselves to each other," said Kira Birditt.

Love, Commitment And Home Buying - Settling down
Suppose you're a young woman who's been dating a man for months. You yearn to marry him and buy a house together. But he hasn't proposed, and you're loath to pop the question yourself. You're becoming anxious because the lease on your apartment is up for renewal soon. As in this hypothetical case, housing plans often become entangled with relationship issues, says Neil Chethik, author of "VoiceMale," a book that probes men's attitudes on commitment, marriage and related issues. A man who seeks to buy a home with a woman expects to have a permanent relationship with her.

Modern women are just too choosy about men
Women have fought for equality for as long as I can remember. But it seems there is one area where men and women are not equal at all. A survey of modern relationships revealed that while most men are happy to settle down with a woman who is simply "good enough," the majority of women are still looking for Mr Right, a kind of fantasy dream man against whom every other suitor will be judged and probably found wanting. The result is that most blokes come up short and are despatched to the scrapheap, while the woman continues her relentless and usually unsuccessful search for the perfect man.

Men who make money can't wait to marry, but women can
Men who make money can't wait to marry. But well-to-do women are in no such hurry. Working women are 50% more likely to move in with their partner and 15% less likely to marry. Men with money are only 13% more likely to live with their partner before marriage, but 26% more likely to get hitched. But financially secure women prefer cohabitation so they can focus on their careers without juggling domestic duties. "For women, marriage often entails hanging up the briefcase. Their housework goes up, and if there are children, the woman tends to become the primary caretaker."

The perils of playing house: Living together before marriage
Living together before marriage seems like a smart way to road test the relationship. But cohabitation may lead you to wed for all the wrong reasons -- or turn into a one-way trip to splitsville. We have different standards for living partners than for life partners, we may end up married to someone we never would have originally considered for the long haul.
(Psychology Today)

What Women Will Overlook When Settling Down
Indeed, when a woman is finished sowing her wild oats and is looking to settle down with a boyfriend, she takes many things into account. She will look at you as a package and see which things she can try to change and which she can live with. Below are a number of traits and characteristics that men tend to stress over, but that, surprisingly, women can and will often overlook.

Would You Be My... Roommate?
What couples should discuss before shacking up. Frank discussions can dispel fantastic expectations and make the transition more organic.
(Psychology Today)