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Sex Tips & Advice

25 sex tips from the sexperts - Orgasm is an experience, not a goal
(2) Things outside the bedroom cause most problems. Women who get time to rest, have help with housework report more fulfilling sex lives. (4) Many women aren't sure what turns them on, or they know but are too shy to say. (8) Alcohol may take away inhibitions but it can also affect libido, mess up lubrication and cause a loss of sensation. (11) Focus on intimacy not performance: Getting close to partner is one of the greatest things. (15) Fake it: If you're not in the mood but you want to be, pretend. Tell yourself you're seductive and slip into something that makes you feel the part.



Sex Shockers - Most couples doesn't go far enough
We can all recite the mantras of modern sex advice: Tell your partner what you want; focus on how your body feels; relax. Since it's only natural, goes this idea, great sex is a matter of getting over your hang-ups, loving your partner and "letting go." Yet something doesn't add up, as the huge market for self-help books and advice columnists proves. As a nation, we're not getting any. We crave sexual blissóbut all our relaxing and getting-in-touch isn't helping most of us. When the standard advice doesn't work, you feel like a failure: Too uptight. Not "in your body." Worse, maybe you're not really in love.

Top 10 Female Erogenous Zones
Most men remain curious as to what turns a woman on. What spot can we touch to drive her absolutely crazy? Whereas it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to discover men's erogenous zones, women get aroused through very diverse body parts. (8) Buttocks. (6) Ears. (4) Wrists. (1) Lips - Yes, it's true. If you know how to manipulate her lips just right through kissing, licking, sucking and biting, it is very possible that a kiss will lead to a lot more than that.

10 Easy Tips To Make Her Hornier
One of the most frequent complaints men have about their partners is that they wish their women would initiate sex more often. When it comes to sex, men are mostly genitally focused, whereas for women, sex is a full mind and body experience. (1) Improve the ambiance, women are a lot more distractible than men. (2) Prolong the foreplay. (5) Use verbal reinforcement - In our society, which idolizes perpetual youth and often sets unrealistic beauty standards, many women feel insecure about their looks and self-conscious about their naked bodies.

Relationship Advice: 4 Things that Get in the Way of Great Sex
Let's look at four possible obstacles, and what you can do to overcome them: (1) Failure to ask for what you want and to tell your partner what you don't want: "But I thought you liked that!" I've heard that statement many times in my office. It's as if we forget to talk to each other once we are horizontal. It's natural to touch our partner in the same way we would like to be touched. That's fine if it works. Many times, it just doesn't.

Escort's hot tip: It's not just about the sex, it's about the mind
Veronica Monet has slept with 1,800 men so you don't have to. For 14 years she worked as an escort out of San Francisco. Along the way, she compiled a storehouse of knowledge about all things emotional and mental as well as carnal. Now she's sharing her knowledge of men with other women. "The purpose of this book is to try to give women some insight into men's culture, so they can stop thinking of them as creatures from Mars and start thinking of them as people who grew up on this planet, though maybe from a different culture."

The Best Things To Say To Women In Bed
Women are verbal creatures at heart. That's why they read erotica, get hooked on soaps and love men with foreign accents. These things make them feel the same way we do when we spot a beautiful woman with huge breasts. So it's in our best interests to learn to say the right things. With that in mind, here are the best things to say to a lady once you separate her from those pesky clothes.

7 Things Women Find Boring In Bed
List of the seven things women find boring in bed. 1 - Asking for permission. There's nothing sexy about a man who asks for permission to have sex with his woman. A good lover knows how to let her know he's in the mood and turn her on without ever having to ask. Something as simple as an intense look or a certain touch is a much better way of going about it.

8 Things Women Wish Men Knew About Sex
Women really do wish men could read their minds, as it would make their lives so much easier. If only you could always touch the right spot, at the right time, with the right pressure... impossible, right? Not entirely. With a little bit of practice and some reading, you can probably pull it off not just once, but every time you try. Well, almost every time.

Top 10 Male Turn Ons
It is an undeniable fact that a man is powerless to the charms of a beautiful woman. All men, however, have a different definition of beauty. Regardless of how a man defines what he finds attractive in a woman, there are several common male turn ons that all men would agree to. -- 1. Women who leave something to the imagination. As unbelievable as it sounds, men often prefer to be teased with a little taste of what is to come.

Finding the G Spot: A Guided Exercise
We are often asked for help in finding a woman`s g spot. To support you around this, we`ve created a simple, easy exercise that takes about an hour. Be sure to try it when you have space and time to do it fully. You`ll notice that much of this exercise deals with the time and set up BEFORE you actually try to find the g-spot. This is intentional. It is so important that a loving, intimate space be created.