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Sexual Fantasies

Study: Men and women dream of sex in equal measure
A study sheds light on what people dream about after their heads hit the pillow. Antonio Zadra studied more than 3,500 dream reports from men and women, and found that 8% from both genders contained some form of sexual activity. Sexual intercourse was the most common type of dream content, followed by sexual propositions, kissing, fantasies, and both men and women reported experiencing an orgasm in 4% of their sexual dreams. Current or past partners were in 20% of women's sexual dreams, compared to 14% for men. Public figures were twice as likely to be the object of women's dream content. Multiple sex partners were reported twice as frequently in men's dreams.



Men fantasize about many women; many women fantasize about one man
Fantasies help people increase sexual excitement and raise it to a new qualitative level. Here is a short list of typical male and female sexual fantasies: (1) Men usually imagine sex with several partners at a time. Women imagine sex with one man, but can be exceptions, of course. (4) A woman usually pictures herself being passive during a sexual act, when she receives pleasure from a man.

Living out the top 3 female fantasies
Sex life feeling a bit stale? Well, there's one sexual organ most people neglect: the brain. And it's your passport back to Sexual Nirvana. Literally millions of us secretly use fantasies during masturbation, and some of us use them to achieve orgasm during sex. So why not own up to your favourites and act them out with your partner for what could be the lustiest sex you've had in years?

Love, Fantasy Came True
My husband started a fantasy thing involving me being promiscuous and telling him what happened in detail. At first it was too much for me, but after a while it started to turn me on more and more. He has urged me to "play around" with someone. -- Then, six months ago, I went to Europe and met a younger guy. I was on my own and the attraction was overwhelming. I had the most exciting sex I have ever had in my life. I spent every moment I could with him, and when I spoke with my husband by phone, I could not bring myself to talk about it.

Recovering from Romantic Fantasy
Recovering from romantic fantasy is based on your willingness to accept who you and your partner are -- without deceit, without drama, without all of the false puffery so many of us put around our images of love, relationship and intimacy. Recovering from romantic fantasy does not mean living without it. It means you will have, perhaps for the first time in your life, the chance to experience reality-based romance that is meaningful, fulfilling, passionate and can actually help create a relationship you can trust and delight in.