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Support & Help your Partner

A strong romantic relationship is built on the good
If you want to test how strong your romantic relationship is, ponder how your partner responds when something good happens to you. A study finds that how a partner reacts to your personal triumphs is a better predictor of relationship strength than whether that person supports you when you're down. It's a surprising finding, since relationship research tends to focus on how couples make it through bad times. Yet in interviews of dating couples, those who reacted enthusiastically to the other's good news were more likely to still be dating months later. It didn't matter whether they handled bad news well or not.



How To Keep Your Relationship or Marriage Alive
If you have been married for a while, it`s easy to get lost in your busy lifestyles. Keeping you relationship alive, takes a lot of work, you have to have to be spontaneous and keep things interesting. At first you can`t get enough of each other, but after a few years, things slow down, and sometime even comes to a halt. Some simple ways to keep your relationship alive, will be taking afternoon walks together or upon wakening-up everyday, say something nice to each other before starting your day. If your relationship is based on convenience, love really doesn`t stand a change to make a come back.
(Roger King)

Spouse support cuts job stresses
Going home to a hug from a supportive spouse - male or female - brings down blood pressure boosted by a nightmare day at work, a study finds. The study, presented to an American Heart Association meeting, monitored 216 men and women for a year. Those with stressful jobs but close relationships saw blood pressure fall. Getting the balance right and having emotional support, whether from loved ones or friends, helps us cope with stress in a positive way.

How to get more participation, support and caring from your partner
Women often want more participation from their partner, whether in a social life or around the house or with family life; these are the expressions of support and caring women commonly seek. But often enough their requests for change come out as complaints to their partners, who wind up being angry. What often follows is a relationship standoff and a sexual turnoff that drains everyone's energy. What does it take for women to get what they want from their partner?

How To Focus On The Positive Qualities Of Your Relationship
What really annoys you about others? Do you get upset by arrogant people? Or maybe people who cannot be assertive really make your blood boil. Whatever it is that bothers you, you must understand this: We criticize in others the very qualities that we dislike most about ourselves. Try this exercise: Think about this specific person, and write down the qualities you admire in them. Take the time to remember what drew you to them in the first place. Maybe they are great at making you laugh.

Advice on supporting the dreams of a spouse
For the last two months, I've spent just about every waking minute regretting the life choices I've made so far. ... Once you've registered for a class or decided among your new colleagues on a regular meeting schedule, ask your husband for his cooperation. Don't expect him to break out the champagne, but do spell out exactly what you'd like from him.
(Psychology Today)

Hugs puts everyday worries to bed and makes you feel good
Survey results concluded that hugs increased the level of oxytocin, a naturally occurring chemical in humans. Oxytocin is related to reproduction and calms you; it makes you feel good.
(Daily Orange)

Unwed Mothers Have Difficulty Finding 'Good' Husbands, Study Finds
Women who have children outside of marriage are less likely than other single women to marry, and when they do marry, their husbands tend to be less well-matched, according to a new study.