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Surviving Infidelity

After infidelity - With hard work many couples actually grow closer
Infidelity is devastating relationships as the cycle of self-blame, betrayal and anger can be difficult to break. Many couples choose to stay together after an affair. If they seek help early and confront the issues that caused the affair, there can be real hope of relationship recovery. --- The victim of the affair is often plagued with thoughts of the betrayal. He or she will think about times their spouse may have lied. Feelings of depression, lack of self-worth and anger at the adulterer are common. It is important to allow the victim to vent their anger, but in a controlled way.



Handling infidelity
When you catch your girlfriend with someone else, the best thing is to refrain from screaming and abusing. Break up with her and take control of your life or allow her to continue doing what she has been doing for a while. Try to speak to her and learn her true feelings: Is she is in love with someone else? You can give it another try in case you think you can forget and forgive. If you say you will forgive, you have to mean it - and be sure that your partner is ready too. Otherwise, relationship may turn into a vicious cycle of mistrust, revenge and unspoken hate. Try to understand what made your girlfriend cheat on you.

Staying Together After Infidelity
Adultery is grounds for divorce, but it is not a reason to divorce. Infidelity is a great evil which 91% of Americans consider wrong. Yet over a lifetime half of all marriages have been broken by an affair by the husband, wife or both. How can a couple rebuild relationship after infidelity? Stephen Judah says the first step is for the offending spouse to reveal the affair, getting credit for being honest after a period of dishonesty: "If the offending spouse doesn't disclose it, then the offended spouse must discover it, which exacerbates the offense." Better to take a step toward healing than to be discovered.

Getting rid of mementos after relationship ends, there are no rules
Gabrielle Torello drowned her wedding band in river, stuffed the diamond rings and earrings her ex-husband had given her into a pair of old shoes at the bottom of her closet, and treated herself to some commemorative sparkle, like the ring she bought when she survived her first date. "It makes me very happy every time I wear it. It was such a bad time that I don't want to wear anything from that period in my life." --- Jay Johnson, upon discovering that his girlfriend was two-timing him with one of his friends, simply packed everything she had given him into a box and mailed them to his rival with a note "Good luck, Dave."

After Infidelity: The Road Back
An emotional affair can deliver a body blow to a marriage, but it rarely results in divorce. Instead, couples can navigate recovery to make their union stronger than before. The first step in recovery is honesty. "It is secrecy that enables affairs to thrive. The cover-up, for most people, is worse than the actual infidelity. So it's only by putting everything on the table that you'll be able to move on. The involved partner must be honest about all aspects of the affair."

I can't get over my husband's affair
I have discovered that my husband had a five-year affair with a work colleague, which has now ended. He seemed to be able to compartmentalise his life in a way I can't begin to understand: he went straight from our bed to hers and, once, he came home to celebrate our wedding anniversary directly from her place. After much soul-searching by both of us, our marriage seems to be reborn. My husband has retired and has become more loving and caring of me. He has successfully blotted out what happened and is genuinely surprised and hurt that I am not able to do the same.

How to deal with a cheat and power in a marriage
My Husband Is a Cheat. -- Your husband is emotionally terrorizing you, because you have handed over all the power in the relationship to him. If you don't want a divorce, then you have to get some power back and that will definitely increase his respect for you, which may just bring him into line. Not only would it be a necessary step to saving the relationship, it will be essential for resurrecting your sense of self something you need in any relationship.

Couples grappling with infidelity may benefit more from marital therapy
She didn't talk about her feelings until halfway through therapy, when she dropped a bomb: She was having an affair. Her husband was devastated. But as they discussed her confession, the couple began to talk more openly than they had in years. The wife's revelation may have saved the marriage. Couples grappling with infidelity may benefit more from marital therapy than other couples provided that the cheating partner comes clean. Study shows men and women who had had affairs and kept the fact from their spouse failed to make much progress after several months of counseling.

Building a new social network is part of starting over
Men and women lose at least half of their social network when they get divorced, according to research. Their relationships with relatives, in-laws, neighbors, work colleagues and spousal friends all shift and change. It takes a certain kind of determination to start building new social connections when you are alone and starting over.

8 ValuableTips On How To Survive a Dumping
Unfortunately there is no magic formula for surviving a dumping. However, to find someone you want to spend your life with, you have to move on and plan a realistic time scale to move forward. There are fairly standard steps you can devise to succeed. There is no reason that you have to spend the rest of your life going out on your own, and eating solitary TV dinners.
(Article City)

Advice: How to Handle a Cheat
What makes infidelity humiliating and estranging is keeping secrets from a partner -- but what makes it really hurt is the partner's interest in emotional or sexual satisfaction elsewhere. Your boyfriend is clueless that he inflicted emotional pain on you. Repairing the damage takes work, and it requires him not merely telling you he's sorry but working to demonstrate it.
(Psychology Today)

Should I trust my partner despite his history of infidelity?
If you go into self-destruct mode you won't even get as far as trying to trust him. You seem to be already embarking on a pattern of insecurity and mistrust which will push him away, and you will inevitably lose him. Your question is: "How do I trust him?" I say: "How do you not trust him?" You mention his dubious past and yet you strongly praise his present virtues. His past infidelities were a result of past relationships which you cannot change. You have no reason not to trust him. History is nothing. We live now.