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Trouble Arising - Jealously and Low self-esteem

Certain personality traits can sabotage healthy relationship
Study offers insight into real romance, showing how certain personality traits can sabotage healthy bonds. --- Your boyfriend`s cell phone starts ringing and the name of his ex flashes. As he heads to the other room to take the call, do you get angry, or assume that the call indicates that he ends relationships without burning bridges? Do you hold a grudge for the next few days or move on? Your attitude toward situations like these, whether you tend to get jealous or stay cool, in large part determines how you make decisions in a romantic context and how well you`re able to bond with a partner.



Signs she's extremely jealous: Dealing with a jealous girlfriend
No man should have to suffer through the torture by extremely jealous girlfriends. Here's a 10-point checklist to determine whether your woman is over-the-top. (10) She calls you every two hours just to say, "I love you," but it is actually a premise to check up on you. (9) She refuses to accept that you have female friends. (7) She doesn't like you to go anywhere without her. (6) She gets angry every time you come within 50 feet of another attractive woman and demands, "What are you looking at?" (2) She tries to trap you with questions like, "Do you find her pretty?" and freaks out no matter what you answer.

Jealousy is a powerful force
Sexual jealousy is sometimes considered a petty emotion. But jealousy and the pain of thwarted love are powerful forces. People may suffer tremendous anguish when they perceive they have been rejected, even if their relationship was imaginary. Romantic loss is one of the most common triggers for suicide. 10%-25% of murders are related to jealousy. And about half of the people in women's shelters were abused by jealous lovers. Delusional patients who suffer from a form of psychosis may behave normally, but they imagine that they have a special relationship with another person, such as a celebrity they don't even know.

Insanely jealous: The One turns fearless females into insecure wets
I've become insanely jealous of my partner, despite the fact that he has never given me any reason to be. I've become anxious when he talks to other women. I'm always checking up on him if he sits next to an attractive woman or laughs at female friends' jokes. Things overheated when I went through his phone while he was in the shower and found texts from one female friend. They were innocent but I just flipped and screamed at him. -- Checking your partner's phone for messages is never a signal of a healthy state of mind. I have witnessed fearless females turn into insecure wets when they find themselves hitched up to the man they've decided is The One.

Is it love or is it jealousy - The jealous boyfriend
The jealous boyfriend seems to be a popular issue. Does he love me? Why doesn`t he like me to have friends? Why does he spy on me? Why is he jealous of everyone who talks to me? Will it get better if I marry him? -- Our society places a high premium on love relationships. Being single is not regarded as a desirable state. Coupled with this is the fact that so many people have poor self-images. "And ironically, poor self-image seems to intensify within relationships, as it is the possible loss of the partner that brings deep-seated insecurities to the fore."

Why Men Are More Aggressive - Genes and hostile attitudes
Aggression in men may be due to variations in one of two genes involved in the activity of the neurotransmitter serotonin, according to a study. However, men with the `aggression` genes aren`t necessarily all cads; genetics appears to be predictive only if men have hostile attitudes and fathers who never completed high school. Moreover, a genetic predisposition toward aggression could be rebuffed by a mother who nurtures her infant, suggests another study involving primates.

Jealousy In Relationships
Why does one feel jealous? Is the relationship weak? Jealousy is a fact of life. You have total faith that your child may run around and play with many people around the day. But he/she will return to you at night? You don`t have the same faith with your lover/spouse. And that is the main cause of jealousy. Somewhere in your mind, you are always wondering about your looks, your intelligence, your relationship skills and all other factors that may break your relationship and make your spouse/lover go into another relationship. The best way out is to discuss without hesitation everything in your mind with your spouse/lover and expose all your fears. Be totally open.

How To Kill Jealousy
Letting your jealousy show is a fail-safe way to lose your dignity and dismantle your self-esteem. Nothing will ruin a relationship or marriage faster than jealously. It creates anxiety, anger, loneliness, hate and fear. Jealousy makes the person unattractive, even transforming them from lover and supporter, to enemy. The primary cause is a breakdown in communications, and this usually happens for one of two reasons: Something has changed, and for some reason you don't feel able to communicate openly anymore... Or perhaps one partner is manipulating power by withholding information out of anger, hurt or even just plain thoughtlessness.

How I Got Rid of the green-eyed Monster called Jealousy
Make a decision to get rid of Jealousy. That means telling yourself that you have had it with the attitude of being suspicious, distrusting and possessive. Have respect for yourself. If your partner abandons you, put your hurt behind and start life over. If he actually cheats on you, he is not worth your time and effort. Learn how to communicate effectively. Don't nag. Don't bring out old issues - they put a stop for further constructive conversations. Learn to listen without interrupting, judging and probing. If you must ask, do it with the intent to seek understanding. Love everyone including yourself unconditionally.

Wife wants husband to see friendship is just plutonic
My husband is jealous of my best friend. I`ve been married to my husband for more than five years, but have been best friends with `Bob` since I was in third grade. `Bob` and I are just friends, always have been and always will be. -- My advice is to ease up on phone calls and outings with `Bob` for awhile, but don`t cut off all ties. If `Bob` is truly a good friend he will understand that you need to help your husband feel secure. During this time, invite `Bob` over for dinner with you and your husband and let them get to know each other. I believe if your husband comes to know `Bob` and see you two interact, he will not be as threatened.

Trust: Why Do We Need It?
In general, people who trust have better interpersonal relationships. People who don't trust tend to be more angry, competitive, and resentful. A betrayal of trust is difficult for most people to forgive. Sometimes we may be annoyed by a new friend for being on the reserved side, but each individual is so complex and has so many experiences, feelings, needs, opinions, etc. that he can't possibly reveal all sides of himself to a new acquaintance. So, he shows only parts of his real self. Why does he do that? Why do we all? Probably because of fear of rejection and our own sensitivity or vulnerability.

You're the one that I want - but first, cut your hair
Why do women insist on changing men once they're in a relationship? In life, there are two types of people: those who can change and those who can't. If you are a woman searching for the perfect man, you might be more likely to consider the majority of the world in that first category. While looking for love, too many women feel that in order to be happy they must not only find a partner, but also make him into a different person - a "better person." Why do so many equate relationships with remodeling?

Parenting: Here Comes Trouble
In a study that strips the sentimentality off new parenthood, a researcher reports that 50 to 80% of new mothers and 30% of new fathers suffer depression, setting them up to be unresponsive to their new baby and to each other. Such high rates of postpartum depression result directly from the dramatic drop in intimacy couples experience after the birth of a baby. Studies of newlyweds show that for 67%, childbirth brings conflict, hostility and alienation, which starts many couples down the road to divorce.

Dealing With Difficult Relatives
How to deal with difficult relatives, such as an overbearing parent or in-law. -- You set the boundaries in your relationships. If those boundaries are crossed and the other person can`t seem to take the hint, you have to assert yourself to restore balance. If you have relatives who fail to respect your boundaries and behave as if the purpose of your relationship is for you to bend over backwards to satisfy all of their needs, you certainly aren`t alone.

17 Things Women Love, But Men Hate
The ties that really bind men are the varied idiosyncrasies belonging to their girlfriends and wives. The habits we struggle to comprehend are what make women, women. Here's a list of 17 of the most annoying and endearing of them all. And don't kid yourself: When she gets together with her friends to compare bikini waxes, a good chunk of that time is spent talking smack about little old you.

7 More Things Men Think Women Like
Do your efforts to impress her always backfire? Does she get angry or criticize your attempts to make her happy? Indeed, men often act with the intention of impressing a woman. But unfortunately, they are often misguided as to what kind of behavior they think women like; thus, their actions don't always yield the results they were hoping for.

The Three Needs That People Have In A Conflict
There are many human needs that people have, but in the context of an interpersonal conflict setting, three obvious ones come to mind. As simple as they are, these three needs are often the cause of unnecessary conflict or the escalation of a small dispute because one of the two parties does not realize that they are not meeting the others needs.

Stress Could be Killing your Relationship: 10 management rules
Differences between men and women can turn a simple conversation into a stressful battle between Godzilla and Cat Woman. Any relationship, romantic or otherwise, will always have some degree of stress and we must learn how to manage it if we want our relationship to survive. Haven`t you been totally happy with your partner and then suddenly, WHAM!, one of you says or does something that totally screws things up for no apparent reason?