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Trust: Relationship Issue

Popular trend: Hiring Private Investigators to keep eye on spouse
Peter Jones was taking out the rubbish when he noticed a scrap of paper. "It was part of a torn email... words like 'horny' jumped out at me." Jones mentioned it to his wife, who swore it was a friend "having a laugh". Her over-defensive reaction troubled him. Within a day Jones was talking to Steve Grayson of the Infidelity Detective Agency. With Jones's permission, Grayson set up 3 hidden cameras and equipment enabling them to recover deleted emails. The team discovered his wife had arranged to meet someone at the house while Jones was away. An hour after Jones had left, he came back into the house, finding his wife in bed with another woman.



Almost 25% of couples admit to spying on each other
Almost 25% of all married couples spy on each other's emails and text messages, and 13% spied on the websites their partners visited, a new UK report reveals. 97% disapproved of their partners falling in love with other people over the net and 85% disliked them flirting. About the same amount were unhappy with their partners talking about personal problems online with other people and or having cyber sex. 6% of married internet users said they first met their partner online. Of those 34% through an online dating site, 19% in a chat room and 18% through a instant messaging site.

Honesty can be overdone, endangering a relationship
Trust is the basis of every relationship. But in order for couples to be able to rely on one another, partners should not always honest. In some situations, it's better to keep quiet or fake it a little bit because too-generous openness can do more to destroy trust than keep it. "Demanding 100% openness and honesty is one of the main falsities about love. And complete honesty is neither possible nor desirable," said couples counsellor Dorothee Doering, a in Kaarst, Germany. Like when a woman asks her mate if her bottom looks big in her new jeans. And women are better off dealing questions about the qualities of their ex-lovers diplomatically.

Struggling marriages: How to rebuild trust for a happier relationship
Create a new relationship with your husband: Perhaps some night you can walk into his room, sit at the foot of his bed and tell him how much you miss a warm loving relationship and you imagine that he does too, that you don't want to live the rest of your life estranged way. Ask him what he wants and share with him what you want. One way couples lose touch with each other is to put the children at the center of the marriage - What kids need more is your own happy marriage. Once you start talking, plan a weekend away with your husband.

Trust: Why Do We Need It?
In general, people who trust have better interpersonal relationships. People who don't trust tend to be more angry, competitive, and resentful. A betrayal of trust is difficult for most people to forgive. Sometimes we may be annoyed by a new friend for being on the reserved side, but each individual is so complex and has so many experiences, feelings, needs, opinions, etc. that he can't possibly reveal all sides of himself to a new acquaintance. So, he shows only parts of his real self. Why does he do that? Why do we all? Probably because of fear of rejection and our own sensitivity or vulnerability.

Always feeling insecurity over your love relationship?
I should believe that you are having such thoughts because you really cherish this relationship? But perhaps cherishing it just a bit too much? How would you feel if things were the other way round? Would you like it if your partner were to doubt your love for them instead? Trust between partners is one of the key criteria to a happy and fulfilling relationship. Remember, love is always a two-way communication. It takes two, a happy you and a happy him or her to complete the equation.

Who Do You Trust? Men And Women Answer That Differently
Men and women differ in how they decide which strangers they can trust, according to new research. A study found that men tended to trust people who were part of a group with them. Women, on the other hand, were more likely to trust strangers who shared some personal connection, such as a friend of a friend.
(Science Daily)

Should I trust my partner despite his history of infidelity?
If you go into self-destruct mode you won't even get as far as trying to trust him. You seem to be already embarking on a pattern of insecurity and mistrust which will push him away, and you will inevitably lose him. Your question is: "How do I trust him?" I say: "How do you not trust him?" You mention his dubious past and yet you strongly praise his present virtues. His past infidelities were a result of past relationships which you cannot change. You have no reason not to trust him. History is nothing. We live now.