News for Two is a review of hand-picked articles related to relationship troubles & problems providing self-help tips and advices.

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Turn-ons and Turn-offs

15 relationship mistakes women often do
(5) Putting so much energy into the idea of a fairy-tale romance that we're not satisfied with anything less. --- (7) Thinking that a perfect relationship is easy: Relationships require work and compromise. A perfect relationship means doing those things well. --- (9) Thinking that getting a boyfriend or husband will solve all our problems: In reality no one can fix our lives for us. --- (10) Using the silence: Partners can't read our minds, he won't know what's wrong unless we tell him. (11) Not asking for what we want in bed: It can be as little as a rewarding moan when he does something good, or as much as a frank discussion about fantasies.



8 common relationship mistakes
(1) Attempting to change your partner: "If they love me enough, they'll change to please me. It's only a matter of time." So many think that they can and will change their partner. But to your partner, that "small thing" may not be so small. Even if they do try to change to please you, very often they become bitter. --- (3) Believing you are not "good enough" to keep their love: Some women not only expect rejection, but in reality do little things to bring it about, like starting to undermine the relationship, finding fault with their partner at every turn, to feel better about themselves.

Dont's for him and Don'ts for her - Instant Turn-offs and turn-ons
Don't ask her how much her sexy new lingerie cost: She has made the effort, so don`t put a price on pleasure. Don't ask if you can call her Angelina: Role play is ok, until it involves someone prettier than your partner. No woman wants to think the only way you can enjoy sex is if you convince yourself that you`re having it with someone who is slimmer or younger. --- Don'ts for her: Don't ask if the heating is off: household issues are a turn-off. Do's for her: Do the things your mother told you not to: Jerry Hall said the secret to keeping a man was "to be a maid in the living room, cook in the kitchen and wh*re in the bedroom".

No saving faces: Masculine features can be turnoff
That well-defined brow and strong chin are manly, yes, but new research shows that such features could be a turnoff because of subconscious decisions about personality based on looks. "People can make snap judgments of other people based on something that's superficial Ќ just by the way someone's face looks." Highly masculine faces were judged more likely to get into fights or cheat on their partners. The less masculine versions were thought to be better husbands and good with children.

5 Things That Can Ruin Your Sex Life - Turnoffs
Five mistakes women make in bed, and how they should get over them. #1: Squeamishness - Most people have their most intense orgasms by way of oral sex. That said, refusing to give your partner oral sex is unforgivable. #2: Fear of Experimentation - Your partner wants you to dress up as a waitress? Lick pumpkin pie from his navel? Play a game of naked Twister? We all march to the beat of a different drum, and if that's what does it for him, why not indulge him?

A woman who deploys a male sense of humor is a turnoff to men
Ask men and women which qualities are most attractive in a mate and both sexes are likely to rank a good sense of humor near the top of their lists. Humor researchers have long noted gender differences in the use and appreciation of humor. While women want to settle down with a guy who can crack a good joke, men, to a large degree, want a partner who laughs at their antics.

Too successful for love - "Successful women can't get husbands"
Dowd asserts that successful women can't get husbands, "that the aroma of male power is an aphrodisiac for women, but the perfume of female power is a turn-off for men". The argument runs that, since successful women are not sexually attractive, we have a straight choice between economic power and emotional fulfilment. She quotes various studies of women with a high IQ being less likely to marry, men reporting that they found their subordinates more attractive than their supervisors...

Five Things Women Do That Drive Men Away
The problem is that we too often expect our partners to think and behave as we do. Here is list of common things that women do, quite unknowingly, that drive men away. -- 2. Breaking Into His Cave. This is a big "no-no". When a man has a problem, he goes to his cave (becomes quiet and withdrawn) to solve it. This is normal behavior, and during these times, he doesn't want to talk or be disturbed. If you follow him into his cave, or pressure him to talk, you're likely to encounter a fire-breathing dragon.