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Why people cheat

Infographic offers facts about cheating: Why, with who, for how long
Some facts about cheating and infidelity. The more money a husband makes, the more likely he is to be unfaithful (more money brings more opportunity and wealth tends to attract more women). 98% of men have fantasies about a woman other than their partner. Husbands are much more likely than wives to be serial cheaters.



Women who feel prettier because of high oestrogen level are more likely to cheat
Women with high levels of the hormone estradiol tend to be less happy with their partners and more likely to cheat. They are also viewed to be more attractive by themselves and by others. University of Texas scientists questioned and measured levels of the hormone in 53 women. The results revealed that women with higher estradiol levels were more likely to flirt, kiss or have a serious affair - but they were not more likely to have a one night stand. Women with higher levels of estradiol usually have larger breasts, a low waist-to hip ratio and beautiful faces - and they are also have higher dating standards (they pick men with high testosterone levels).

Confessions of a cheating wife: Why would a woman betray the husband she still loves?
Caroline is a press officer who has been married to Steve for 12 years. They have a 9-year-old daughter. Caroline has been having an affair with Nick for the past 16 months. Lately, Steve told Caroline he would like them to try for another baby. Overpowered with guilt, Caroline is torn between telling her husband the truth or continuing the affair. Here is her story. --- After meeting Nick we foolishly started an affair, and as my feelings for him grew I knew I should stop seeing him - but selfishly, I didn't. Looking back, I should have read the warning signs that our relationship was becoming too serious much sooner than I did.

The truth about cheating: why men stray and what you can do to prevent it [book review]
Gary Neuman studied 100 men who cheated and 100 men who were faithful, and his findings are in book "The Truth About Cheating" He explains: "There is clearly no blame on the woman if husband cheated. However, the fact that you're not responsible does not mean that you don't want to take an active role in your relationship to bring out the best in your husband." Women are being told that unless they are incredible sexy then the husband is going to cheat. But only 8% of cheaters said that sexual dissatisfaction was a main cause for cheating and only 12% said the mistress was better looking than their wives. 48% said the cheating was about an emotional disconnection.

Why are men unfaithful - genetic reasons, family, culture and communication
A report by the Karolinska Institute says that the love rat is not a myth but that a man's tendency to cheat may be in his genes. The study found that men who inherit a genetic variant that affects an attachment hormone, vasopressin, are more likely to have weaker relationships and marital problems. But experts say that's just a convenient excuse. "You can say that some men are predisposed to stray, but once the genetics are set, you have the culture into which they are born, family and society. So it's not a done deal that some men are always going to be unfaithful," says psychotherapist Susan Quilliam.

What kind of adulterer are you - 17 reasons why people cheat
Accidental: "You weren't looking for it, but you were in the wrong place at the wrong time." --- Sexual Panic: "You feel your sexual powers are waning and in a kind of panic, you have an affair to prove you are still as sexually able as you were." --- Distraction: "Things are hard, frustrating, confusing in your life, and an affair is a way to distract yourself from all these difficulties by creating a kind of oasis of romance." --- I just needed to indulge myself: "You've been working so hard that an affair is the best way you know how to give yourself some pleasure."

Why Men Cheat, Why Women Cheat
What makes a person in a committed relationship cheat? Infidelity studies found that men and women cheat for different reasons. For most men sex is the primary motivating factor for cheating, while cheating women give different reasons for having an extramarital affair. --- 10 Reasons Why Men Cheat: more sex, sexual variety, opportunistic sex, the thrill of the chase... --- 10 Reasons Why Women Cheat: lack of emotional intimacy, a desire for male attention, to reaffirm her desirability, to re-experience feelings of romance...

Why loved ones stray - Readers thoughts on cheating
Whether it was a desire to fulfill emotional needs or sample an assortment of partners, two popular reasons, people have no shortage of justifications for cheating. "I've been cheating on my boyfriend for 3 months. He won't have sex with me or hang out with me, and so I found someone who wants me every night. I haven't left my boyfriend yet because of our baby, but I eventually will..." --- "My partner has cheated on me for years yet I stick with him. He says it all about variety. We've been together 20 years and he says it has nothing to do with OUR relationship... It really hurts but I justify staying because everything else in our relationship is amazing."

Many cheat for a thrill, more stay true for love
For most people in relationships, a commitment means no playing around. That doesn't mean there aren't plenty of love rats out there. About 22% of adults in monogamous relationships have cheated on their current partner. The rate is even higher among married men. And nearly half of people admit to being unfaithful at some point in their lives. Spending years together, exchanging wedding rings, or having children doesn`t inoculate a couple against cheating. Married folks with kids are nearly as likely to commit adultery as childless couples. The rate of cheating has stayed pretty consistent.

Is your partner unfaithful - 28 Signs of a Cheating Spouse
Tony DeLorenzo, private investigator for more than 25 years, said he knows how to tell if a person is cheating and how to catch him in the act. DeLorenzo teamed up with his wife to write the workbook "28 Tell-Tale Signs of a Cheating Spouse." --- The top one is working overtime and unaccountable hours. What happens is that clients come in and say "On Tuesdays and Thursdays my husband always works late, but only on Thursdays he can`t be reached on his cell phone and there`s an additional 18 miles on his odometer."