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Romance, Work & Job

How to have a successful office romance - 40% have dated colleague
40% of workers have dated a colleague at some point in their careers, and 30% say they married the person they dated at work. "The office has turned into the village of the 21st century. Where else do you spend 12 hours a day," says author Helaine Olen. 72% of workers who have office relationships are public with them, compared with just 46% five years ago. Here are some basic guidelines for an office romance: (1) Don't date an underling. (2) Agree on terms. (3) Know you may lose your job. Worst case scenari is a boss-subordinate affair that goes sour and results in a sexual harassment suit.



Office Is The Best Bet For Finding Romance
If you are looking for love don't bother with clubs and dating sites - go to the office. A massive 61% of all relationships now begin at work, says new research. And with love in the workplace flourishing it's unsurprising passion is rife: a third of women admit to having sex in the office, and a quarter of attached women confess to having cheated with a work colleague. 94% of women flirt in the office, and more than half have ended up in bed with a colleague at some point in their careers. 80% of girls admits fantasising about a colleague, with 32% saying they currently had a crush on someone they worked with.

The 6 Risks of Office Romances -
A survey by Spherion Corporation found that 39% said that they would consider a workplace romance, and the same percentage reported that they've already had a romantic relationship with a co-worker. Therefore, it might be it might be a good idea to refresh our memories as to why starting an office romance can be a bad idea. 1. Everyone Will Find Out: How will your coworkers feel when they find out you are dating a colleague? 2. Competition: Do you want to compete with your partner for the big promotion? 3. Arguments Happen: Relationships are hard and sometimes there will be arguments.

Looking for romance? Try the office
The CareerOne poll found 80% of Australians thought work was the ideal hunting ground for a future love-interest. 76% admitted to romantic involvements with workmates but most said they had kept these affairs a secret. More than half of the women said they met their husband or current boyfriend at work. Almost 90% admitted to having a crush on a client or work colleague and 60% saying they acted on these feelings. The sexes were split on the ethics of dating the boss: more than half of men said it was ethical but 60% of women said the boss was off limits.

Dealing with an office romance
Love and marriage may "go together like a horse and carriage," but the question for entrepreneurs is, "Do they go together in today`s business environment?" Work is the place where many people spend more than a third of their lives, and it's one of the best places to find a potential mate who shares similar life goals. But as romantic as that sounds, dating in the workplace poses many problems. That`s why many places have rules against office romances; some even have rules against hiring married couples. Consider risky situations like: What would happen if the couple has an argument? Would they be able to keep their personal lives separate and away from the workplace?

Powerful women found to have trouble finding mates
There have been some studies indicating that if given a choice men prefer to marry women in subordinate jobs. In days gone by, we used to call this "marrying down." Dr. Stephanie Brown said there's support for the idea that powerful women are at a disadvantage in the marriage market, as men may prefer less-accomplished women. It's been found that intelligent, highly educated women tend to be more sexually free, and though males may enjoy this, infidelity is scary and a threat to males because of paternal uncertainty in marriage or any long-term relationship.

Combining work and motherhood is good for women`s health
Holding down a job and being a mum in a steady relationship helps keep women healthy and in good shape over the long term, suggests research. A career as a homemaker seems to increase the chances of becoming obese. Analysis of the information showed that by the age of 54 women who had been partners, parents, and employees were significantly less likely to report ill health than women who did not fulfil all three roles. The authors conclude that good health among women is more likely to be the result, rather than the cause, of adopting several roles.

Spouse support cuts job stresses
Going home to a hug from a supportive spouse - male or female - brings down blood pressure boosted by a nightmare day at work, a study finds. The study, presented to an American Heart Association meeting, monitored 216 men and women for a year. Those with stressful jobs but close relationships saw blood pressure fall. Getting the balance right and having emotional support, whether from loved ones or friends, helps us cope with stress in a positive way.